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It's a funny thing ferry sleeping. Our first ferry from Piraeus to Mykonnos was on the Greek Orthodox easter long weekend. People just threw their stuff on the decks inside and sat down. Who knows why they wouldn't try and get in a chair but heck, when in Rome. Plus, the shock factor of not speaking the same language left me in the inclined position to just do as they did.

There was the overnight ferry from Crete to Piraeus when we thought it would be a good idea to just sleep on the deck - cheapest option for the budget traveller.

After scoping out many a place, we found these wonderful long benches - we really couldn't believe our luck!

All was going well as we spread out our goods for sleeping - me with my little bilum bag stuffed with clothes for a pillow and my jackets as my blankets - until a friendly steward came by to tell us if we wanted to sleep there, we would have to wait until 11:30 p.m.

It seems we had landed ourselves in the first class section of the deck. …
It's been over a year since we decided to take this adventure.

Sadly, I have not written all that I wanted to on this 'vitural diary'. I suppose it's difficult when travelling on a bus across Crete or staying in hostels in Rome to actually whip out the laptop and start typing.

And with the cost of internet cafes - whoa! - not so much a good thing for the budget traveller.

As I sit now, however, at my temp job in Leeds UK, I am finding some time to write on my lunch break.

Each day now I will be able to pop in and write a little story from our adventures - whichever one comes to mind. Today, it's the overview of the last 12 months.

July 2002 - D. and I decide to give it all up - the condo, the car, the cushy jobs - and move to England to travel Europe!

August 2002 - The condo sells in 10 days! A record, I would think...and so now that we're homeless, there's no turning back

September 2002 - finishing off jobs and preparing to leave. D. takes a couple of week…