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To My FavoriteOctogenarian

This weekend I will have the honour of celebrating the 80th birthday of one of the kindest, most understanding, most lovely-laugh octogenarians I know.

I'm quite proud to be able to say my Grandmother N, full of all her facilities, turned 80 today.

That's such a big number. And yet, she still doesn't seem that OLD to me. I saw her just a couple of months ago and it was like when I used to visit her as a small child, being spoiled by celery and cheese whiz, staying up late and of course, a chance to watch Three's Company.

Happy Birthday Grandma - I'm very proud to be your granddaughter and can't wait to give you a hug and big sloppy kiss when I see you tomorrow. Write

I was sifting through the 'blogosphere' today, trying to get a feel for what's out there, what's interesting, what people are writing and what people seem to be reading.

I found a couple of new ones - interesting, reflective kind of stuff - stuff that this blog here is no unfamiliar with. So I suppose I'm not exceptionally out of the norm but I guess some people enjoy reading about other people's excruciating minutia of their days.

And then I came to this, will which make you feel like your on speed or cocaine or maybe like you want to puke.

Most likely both.

I will leave it to you to decide whether or not this is actually and ENJOYABLE read or more like a ride on a really fast roller coaster, where the wind sucks the life out of your face until your cheeks touch your ears and your knuckles remain permanently white from the clutching of the stable thing.

For an energy buzz, click here.

Mid Way

I would like someone to tell me exactly where the summer has gone?

It's mid July and for some reason, I'm already panicking about snow.

I've had a great summer so far. Filled with so many people and activities, that I'm finding it hard to even get to this blog.

CBC has become a new best friend. It travels with me to and from work.

I found myself smiling the other day as, in total suburbia fashion, I opened the door to my townhouse to get my paper and lo and behold, my Friendly North Neighbour, had popped out to get her paper at the exact same time.

"Good Morning"
"Oh Good morning"
"Gorgeous day"
"A day for a bbq"
"For sure, see you on our rooftops later"

And in I went, to finish my breakfast, reading the paper, drinking my tea.

So different from the days of rising 20 minutes before I had to leave, just enough time to shower and then grab food on the way.

Life is turning into quite the settled urban scene I had…

In Need of a Challenge

Ever the planner with lists, I found this idea on Rocketwife's blog.

101 in 1001

When I was about 25, I made a list of things I wanted to do before I was 30. You know, those stupid things your arrogant 20ish self does to your aging 30ish self, not realising that the landscape will have changed in those short 5 years and that includes priorities, goals and well things that will make you happy.

I haven't seen that list since we've got home. I remember a few things that are there I've done, a few things that are there I haven't and the others? Well, I cringe to think at how my smug 20ish self actually thought THAT MUCH could be achieved in 5 years.

When I dig it out, I'll share it here.

Until then, I'll have to get cracking on my new list.

Perhaps I can put a bit more effort into it than my 365 Project?

The road to hell...


June turned out to be wonderfully wonderful, filled with family, friends, outings, hen dos, cottages, boats, festivals, wine, patio parties, city walks, city restaurants, city markets, city shops, relaxing in the sun.

Now, what am I going to do in July?