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A Very Very Merry

This year has been yet another one of discovery. As we inch closer and closer to the new year, I'm getting that old reflection feeling that I suppose comes with this time of year. I'm also realising that as we enter 2009, I wonder how I will finish the sentence "This time last year I was..."

There have been ups, downs, highs, lows and more adventure then I expected. There have been disappointments and surprises, laughter and tears, frustration and joy.

All lives are filled with these types of emotions - whether ride the roller coaster with a backpack or in the car on the morning commute, it's hard to constrain life into the box in which you had expected it to squish.

I should have been writing more this year because I have been through some periods which I think were important in this journey I'm on. Sometimes its easier to leave it in your head for awhile.

And I imagine, now that I have some time off, the thoughts will crystalise into a better message then what …

Festivus for...


Christmas has always been a sea of change for D and I. Over the past 10 years, I've spent it in many place most memorably last year's Moscow and of course all of our years in England and Ireland.

This year is no exception. Being home for Christmas is like this added bonus to at the end of another year in transition.

I actually started shopping earlier this year, sent my cards on time, had a budget, stuck to it - well, okay, MOSTLY but I only have one week to be frivolous - and and soaking up as much Christmas music as I can.

(For those of you needing Christmas music 24/7, I found this AMAZING radio website)

We get to partake in our own traditions - mimosas on Christmas morning - and old ones - time with family over the holidays.

Our Christmas actually begins this Saturday with the arrival of my mom. My grandmother arrives as well on Sunday. My sister, bro-in-law and nephew will be there - I can't remember the last time I had that many of my family members to…

In the Recesses of My Brain...

....seems to be a lot of random information.

I find it facinating, that you can be sitting there, at your desk, working away on a project, completely focussed on the task at hand, and then suddenly, out of no where, comes a thought from an experience that you hadn't recalled in years.

This morning, I remembered - or should I say my brain remembered it, I didn't really have anything to do with the involuntary thought that was had - being in the basement of the Sangrada Familla in Barcelona, looking at all of the architectural drawings of the amazing church that is yet to be built.

I remember it so distinctly because it was a basement but yet all cream coloured with arc entrances and beautifully lit. Just a very warm fuzzy place to be.

And, as the thought came and went, I could only wonder WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?

And of course look forward to the next little travel jaunt my brain will take me on.

Upon Reflection...

I am no longer AS ANGRY as I was yesterday but I'm still pretty steamed although calm enough now to retract the statement that we are resembling anything like a dictatorship.

I will say that I am still engaged in what's going on in this country right now and am still appalled at the way politicians think we're all stupid and can't see through their motives.

We need an Obama.

The latest....


I cannot go into depth right now but I must register my EXTREME RAGE that I am feeling towards the politicians in our country.

In a nutshell, the non-governing parties have decided for the WHOLE of Canada that they know better then the VOTERS who should lead the government.

I can reveal that I did actually vote for one of the non-governing parties, which makes me EVEN MORE PISSED that instead of getting down to the business OF THEIR JOBS they are more focused on their own political gain.

No matter who you support, you must recognize this BLATANT HIJACKING of the government and one of the highest fundamentals of Canadian society that we hold dear.

No, not beer. DEMOCRACY.

The country voted 2 months ago. And now, people within our government are trying to CHANGE what those votes mean.

THAT'S why this is important.

It must be stopped.

Here are some places you can have your say:

Canadians for Democracy

Rally for Canada

This is a time to act and stand up for the democracy in our country, for the…

How to Become Prime Minister

For all of you ambitious young political types, it's now EVEN EASIER to become Prime Minister.

First you poke a stick at the current Prime Minister until he calls an election.

Then, you proceed to LOSE the largest defeat in DECADES for your party.

Next, slither away into oblivion until you see the opportunity to EXPLOIT the system for your own benefit.

Next steps? Secretly agree with the loser kid on the playground that you will let him be your right hand man IF he promises him and his party will vote AGAINST the bill that the current PM and his party have put together after YOU RAGED about needing economic change.

Then, once voting a big baby NO to the bill, you exploit the fact that in the Canadian system this is what they call a NON CONFIDENCE VOTE and you have now forced the hand of the current government to CALL AN ELECTION.

The cherry on top? Well, you just swoop in and offer to take over yourself. Cause, you don't want to put Canadians through ANOTHER election.

Piece of cake.