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The First to Fly the Coop

I have failed to mention that I am the proud and giddy older sister of a recently engaged sibling.

My first little sis C got popped the question atop of the Navy Pier ferris wheel on the 27th of December. Her dreamy boy K was quite good at keeping it a surprise (NOT doing it on Christmas Day) while also making her the happiest little event planner in the whole wide world!

I can say that I could see her smile across the miles when she told me after we got back from our holiday in Tunisia. A holiday that almost cost me hearing it straight from her!

It was only by chance that I called my dad on New Year's Day from Africa (at a VERY EXPENSIVE AMOUNT) just to say hello and let my family know where I was staying.

(yes, I realize that since I knew where we were staying 4 months ago, it would have been wise to email them then to avoid panic and worry while I was away but procrastination is definitely a friend of mine)

The only thing my dad said in our 2 minute conversation besides "H…

So Posh

While out at our anniversary dinner last Friday night, D dropped his fork in the middle of eating his steak (massive and perfectly cooked, I might add).

He looked at me, quickly picked it up and placed it back down on the table.
I laughed, turning to get the server's attention, and said, "Here, I'll get you another one."

He looked at me...stunned.

"No, what do you mean?" he said anxiously. "3 second rule".

I gasped "Not in a restaurant!"

I grabbed the fork out of his hand and did an awful mom-like-tsk-tsk and politely asked the server for another.

And it dawned on me, that the floor in our house was probably 10 times dirtier then the one in the restaurant but I would never have flinched if he'd picked it up at home and kept eating with it.

And it also occured to me that the only reason I was shocked was because it was IN PUBLIC, not in the confines of our dining room and NOT because of the disgusting-ness of germs that are on ANY flo…

Guess Who's Back?

After 2 1/2 weeks away from computers, mobile phones and work, I am back in the zone.

Feeling refreshed and envigorated, I am ready to take the year head on!

Okay, perhaps that's a bit too much enthusiasm but speak it and it will be true.

Thinking of all those going through tragedy from the devastation in South East Asia and making a pact with myself, similar to that I made after 9/11, to always live my life the way that I want to.

Here's to another year of enjoying each day to the fullest.



We are gearing up to release our anniversary edition of Mosaic Minds. Hard to believe I have been working with so many fantastic ladies for over a year but it has certainly flown by!

We are also hoping to make it a great one and are looking for any last minute submissions. If you have an article you think would work, check out our website at:

The theme is Kindred Spirits - do you have one? do you think they're silly? did you have an imaginary …