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End of Summer

The last weekend of the unofficial summer has begun. I'm so ready for all the new percolating ideas I've had over the last month to come to fruition.Bringing travel & exploration back into my life & on this blog.Hope you enjoy the ride with me.

Ten years on

Standing in Waterstones on Piccadilly Circus, stumbled upon this and realized probably 10 years ago at this time, I was purchasing this guide, gearing up for our first set of travels.What a different person I was then. What a lucky explorer I am today

Reasons the UK is Awesome

Tea kettle and proper tea in every hotel room.Pints in pubs.The number of times you can say "cheers" in one verbal exchange. Breakfast.Ordering at the bar.The adoration of queueing and the organization that follows. Slim tonic.Jacket potatoes.Proper cheese trays, ready-made from the shop.Plethora of French wine in grocery stores. Great craic.


2 days. 2 long nights. Incredible reconnecting with some of my favourite people.My love affair with Belfast continues...

Oxford Wandering

Magical day wandering the streets of an incredible academic hub.


Not sure the last time I've seen this side of 5 am. After fighting to get back to sleep for 2 hours, I decided I might as well get up.My body seems to have it backwards... My internal system should be 8 hours behind, not ahead. But perhaps it has been the excitement of the last few days. Being back in the UK. Reconnecting with family. Being on actual holiday.There is something extremely precious about being awake when the sun is yawning up. When the birds start their daily cooing. When the world is still.So although I would like to be dreaming peacefully right now, I'll take this gift and savour it.The quiet start to a new day.

My speaking voice

I decided to try out this new voice feature and see if I can completely dictate a blog directly to my phone. The previous android voice recognition app wasn't stellar but this version I'm using on my HTC one is spectacular.A few minor changes and it's like I never needed that keyboarding class in grade 9. here's to more speaking and less typing.

Computer free

I thought I would get with the decade and attempt a blog from my new phone.(cant seem to get this linking to work...) slightly nomadic, I'm rarely excited about getting more stuff... Stuff = eventually pack and move it.But this new phone has a front camera, which made it possible to Skype with my mom from my bike ride yesterday.And now it's motivated me to get back to a bit of writing.Find me some Wi-Fi, and we'll see ya in England ...

Stop the following, start the reading!

Warning: geek speak alert to follow ...

I feel like I have to point out to the lovely list of bloggers that used to appear in my "Blogs I'm Following" list that I have NOT stopped following you, I have just removed you from the Blogger portion of my Google Profile and added you to the Reader portion so that when I'm sifting through posts on my Android, you will now appear. For some reason, I couldn't get you to appear on the app without adding you directly to the Reader portion and I couldn't have you in both the Reader portion and the Blogs I'm Following portion.

So, I now have access to your words directly from my phone, which is what I really wanted in the first place.

Also, I've been on a social media summer vacation for two weeks and I can tell you it's been very eye opening. I've got a bit of my creative writing groove back and hope to get back to some more regular posting here.

In the meantime, some teasers to look forward to include my…