Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Floodgate Opening Commence...

I'm bit addicted to the online community site Momversation, which showcases some pretty talented ladies discussing a crazy range of things from swearing in front of your kids to circumcision yes or no?

The latest topic, thanks to dooce, is certain to get some attention.

To Kid or not to Kid

An interesting dialogue. One I'm not quite prepared to get involved in just quite yet but later, when I gather my thoughts, perhaps I'll venture in.

I suppose the only thing I will say is that I don't really condone anyone judging anyone else's choice. Either side of the coin. So bottom line, no judging. Mutual respect. Be nice to your friends.

See? I guess everything I ever DID need to learn, I learned in kindergarten.

The floor, is yours....

Friday, February 06, 2009

So THAT'S Why...

Last week, D and I ventured out to hear this guy speak about not only his time in Afghanistan but also, where the world of journalism is headed for the future.

He's an alumnus of our school - Ryerson University - and being back in those halls made me kinda itch a bit not only for the thrills of reporting but also, the world's-your-oyster feeling of being a student.

I suppose that's partly what drew me to teaching, that observation of wonderment and newness of topics show to people who have not yet experienced it.

Amongst the many interesting and inspirational things Smith said, there was also quite an poignant comment from an establish newspaper man in the crowd.

Someone asked him what employers are looking for these days, a typical 4th year student question, which although understandable kinda of sounded dense in the context of the conversation and certainly for someone who has been out of school for almost 10 years.

He answered the standard, 'drive, ambition, willingness to learn' etc and then he said something that hit home for me.

He said employers in the journalism are looking for people who are generally curious about the world around them, who truly want to understand how the human spirit works, who ultimately want to take a large amount of information from many sources and make it make sense to the average person.

Sometimes I have found it often difficult to explain my desire for adventure, exploration, discovery over all other things.

I often think I'm strange, clearly desiring the exact opposite of what so many others seem to want. And I guess, when he said that, I realized that I'm not strange.

There is an entire industry built around people who are extremely curious about the world and how people work in and most importantly are driven to tell others, to explain things in a way they will understand, to ultimately bring together to opposing sides or viewpoints and make them understand or at least respect the differences among the human race.

And I was part of it. And I suppose in many ways I still am. Just in a different way.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


I recently changed desks at work from a window view to a room view and decided that I would bring in my birthday present from last year to give me a different view.

D bought me a Kodak Digital Frame, which we occasionally will put on in the house but as of recently, we found it simply sat turned off.

For the last two weeks, I'm taken down memory lane on a daily basis.

D thought it would make me want to travel more. I just find it brings me happiness to remember all of the places I've been. I guess that's why anyone takes pictures, prints pictures, keeps pictures and looks at them again. It's just been so great to have the slideshow of my life flip before me throughout the day.

And it helps me remember moments like this one:

Sometimes I forget we went to Luxembourg. That we spent two nights there at the beginning of our first trek. That it was the second country we were in after the Netherlands and was the beginning of longing for discovery.

That it had the most gorgeous valley, right in the middle of the city, filled with breathtaking cliffs of vegetation, rocks and caves as well as quaint little homes and cobble stone roads.

That we splurged on a hotel for the first night - 83 Euros - after spending 7 nights in an Amsterdam hostel and had to make up for it by sleeping on a sagging bed in a smaller hotel run by an old lady who literally had blue hair the next night - 47 Euros - just to try and stay within our 100 Euro a day budget.

And that we ended up eating at Luxembourg's version of McDonalds just to try not to go over budget. And that's when we discovered that dinner was going to be one of the most important parts of our travelling days and never again would it be scrimped.

I couldn't tell you what I did last Tuesday, but I'm glad because it seems the crevices of my brain are filled with piece of adventure and not whether it was a movie or TV.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why Christian Bale Movies Will Not Get My Money

People - unless you're a doctor trying to save starving children and an army is blocking your or you're about to stop Dr. Evil from pressing the Explode the World button, there is absolutely no need for this type of outrage.

Actor shows off his small vocabulary and intellect

Boo urns, Mr. Bale. There are a lot more talented people out there who probably can handle themselves just that much better then you just did.


Monday, February 02, 2009

Scrub a Dub Dub

I'm salivating at the possibility that I will be here this weekend:

Blitz Your Bod

It is exactly 10 times the price of what I would pay for my Korean Sunday Sauna but that just means that I can only go 1/10 of the time.

Better than nothing. And this time of year, I can't wait!