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Day trippin'

We headed out into the BC wilderness on Saturday and ended up lounging poolside by Blackcomb mountain on Sunday. This weekend is a great example of why I love D and I why I feel so grateful for moments of spontaneity.We headed to Alice Lake for a day hike, in our hiking gear, with enough water to last a few hours.After surviving without stumbling upon a bear, we got back to the car and decided hey, do we wanna head home? Nah, let's head to Whistler, stay at the Fairmont & pamper ourselves for 24 hours.We had been there before and knew what to expect. All we needed was the right $$ answer from the lovely Crystal on the reservation line & we were set.A quick trip to Marks & we had underwear, outfits for dinner & gear for the spa & pools with views. I'm lucky & privileged that I can just pick up & go whenever I want. Cliche as it sounds, you only get one ride on this roller coaster. I'm so glad, even with my feet firmly planted, that the world expl…

Creative juices.

I'm dressed. I showered. I even put on make up. And it's only 8am. What's happening, you say? Why is this working-from-home pj-wearing woman out on the streets this early? Vancouver Creative Mornings's my first one so going in with excitement & interest. Plus, FREE BRAKFAST! More to follow...

Common ground

It's amazing how powerful and incredibly re-energizing to connect with like-minded people.My trip away from Vancouver has been inspiring & reflective in so many ways.It was great to get a chance to connect with a fellow Sang-seng-nim & creative mind on the weekend. Here's to the beginning of many wine Skype dates :) Alex on the Loose