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I have been in many countries around the world and in every one of them, I wore a bag that had a Canadian flag on my backpack. Each new place I would visit would make me more proud than the last to be a Canadian.

It wasn't that there was anything wrong with the places or the people I was visiting, just that you realise you are who you are because of where you're from and it makes you feel even stronger about where you're from.

I don't know if it's because I'm here in the city of the Olympics or because age and travel have made me realise even more how great this country is or even if it is the nostalgia that comes with remembering the young girl who used to pump her fists at the end of a lap 'pracitcing' winning a gold medal or if in fact, it is all these reasons, but I have never felt prouder to be Canadian.

There is a sea of red everywhere you turn. Gloves. Hats. T-shirts. Sweatshirts. Painted chests. You name it. All red.

There are outburst of 'G…

Ya, about that sunshine

I'm certain many of you have read stories about the beautiful weather we're having out here! Um, ya, I would say this is probably the warmest destination for a winter Olympics, though part of me is wondering why people are so puzzled.

I've always known Vancouver as the 'warm part' of Canada, a place where rain pelts down but snow rarely does.

And so while I get the agast-ness of Whistler not being cold and frigid and filled with snow, I'm wondering why there wasn't some hesitation with Cypress Mountain, which is not far from Vancouver and whether or not it was the best selection for events that need snow.

Let's face it - I'm learning the Olympics live are about many amazing things and those things also include walking long distances and waiting in line. I would say both of these activities are exciting in their own way, mostly because they help you soak up the anticipation of the events and the atmosphere.

However, they would NOT be enjoyable if we …

Olympic Fever

It is day 4 of the Olympics and already I feel like I'm in this spectacular global village bubble of red and white.

Leading up to Friday for the opening ceremonies, I was a giddy as a little on Christmas Eve. The idea that in my lifetime, I would get to live in a city that was hosting the Olympics. It just didn't seem real.

And yet, 1000s of people who already live here have had that opportunity since the announcement began, anticipating the world arriving.

It wasn't just the world arriving I was excited about - E and the Tyeger were arriving the day of the opening ceremonies and I was so excited to share it with them. Plus, sharing anything with a 5 year old always makes it more fun :)

We've had the TV on solidly for 3 days straight. And, we already taken in a few of the highlights of an Olympic live experience: heading out to the venues, going to see the beautiful torch and of course waiting in line for tickets.

It's a bit of two worlds in a way: our mornings and …