Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Baby Blues

I've been thinking alot about why I became so enraged by a story that was all over the news a couple of weeks ago.

It was a medical organisation that was making a formal statement that woman who choose to delay pregnancy until after 35 are putting themselves and their unborn babies at risk.

The first shot in the tv story was male doctor going on passionately about how women need to understand the risks they are taking if they are having children over 35.

Read: We realise that now 51% of the population are actually getting educated and into the workforce and might actually become the dominant sex in the next 20 years so we need to figure out a way to keep them barefoot and pregnant.

You laugh, thinking I'm a crazy bra burning feminist but as Reese Witherspoon said, 'my grandma did not fight for what she fought for, just so you can start telling women it's fun to be stupid.'

Woman - and perhaps society in general - seem to quickly forget that less than 100 years ago, we couldn't vote and most of our grandmothers were actually barefoot and pregnant so let's not kid ourselves that the time when we, like children, were better seen then heard, was so far in the past.

But I digress. As usual, I'm not meaning to make a political statement, only simply write about an experience so...

When I heard the good male doctor, my first thought was if the medical industry can manage to figure out how to help a man get - and keep - it up, surely we can invest in giving woman more options.

And what is this crap about defying mother nature? Again, I bring the male example into the equation. Surely someone had a plan when they forced men to stop having boners. Doesn't mean we didn't do research to change that!

I'm also trying to figure out if I'm just being a Peter Pan, wanting my cake and eating it too, wanting to continue to move all over the world and then SOMEDAY have kids. It's not like I'm looking for a partner, albeit a passively willing one. I've got one of those.

What I don't have it seems is time to do all the things I want to do.

And perhaps that's what made my blood boil, more than being a bra burning feminist, it's just another fact staring me in the face that there really isn't enough time to do everything I want to do.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lazy Writer

Umm, as much as I would love to be a novelist, I think this may in fact be one reason why I never will be:

Who actually has time to read that much!?

How much would I love that?

Many thoughts

This tends to happen to me. I start having all these wonderful thoughts I want to write down and where am I?

Walking. Driving. Eating. Drunk.

Always it seems in a place that I'm not able to clearly get them down.

I've decided when I get home tonight, in between clearing emails and preparing for meetings in Dublin at the end of the week, I will also write out some entries.

Then, while I'm flitting around the country, all I'll have to do is try to get to a place that has internet and wham! my thoughts will be live.

The busyness brings back my creativity but it also can prevent me from finding the time to get it all down.

It also prevents me from remembering that I've left my tea to stew a bit too long in the kitchen and that ... oh wait ... I just did it again.

Off to have some builders brew.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Happy Belated

The fumes from the burnt out cars must be getting to my head. Here I was all angry that I couldn't get to my email for many reasons, ONE OF THEM was that I wanted to send birthday wishes to an old friend.

(Old in both senses of the word as she too has entered her 30th year..ooooo)

I finally got into my email this morning and wrote an email, all apologetic as it was NOT MY FAULT that my provider decided to have crappy service for 4 DAYS STRAIGHT and not let us know what the problem was.

And it was only right now, this afternoon, that I went DUH sometimes THIS is what a blog is for.

My friend A-M has been in my life since high school. She was the girl I would spend many hours on the phone, contemplating life and how it was that the two of us could make a difference.

She was also the one who had a 'cool mom', you know, those moms that seem to let all the friends do the coolest things?

One of THE COOLEST things she did was let A-M paint her room white and have her friends make comments all over the walls.
Talk about expression.

Go to A-M house and you wouldn't want to be left out by NOT signing the wall.

It was such a mini-rebellion. A way for us teenagers to express ourselves, leave our mark, all in permanent ink. I vaguely remember what I wrote but I can imagine besides my typical 'Life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think', I'm sure I put a heart around my name and another, if I could only remember who I was in love with at that time...

They have since moved from that house and I'm not sure what became of all those walls. I'm sure knowing A-M, she's scrapbooked pictures of it somewhere.

But I will always remember the freedom of A-M's house.

That and belting out drunken versions River Boat Fantasy at TLO's cottage.

Happy 29th Birthday on 12 September A-M

May this year bring you as much joy and excitement as the last decade has:)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Spread the Word

How out of the loop am I?

I wandered the streets near the city hall in Belfast on Saturday night, happy as Larry, taking in the sounds of the Last night of the Proms.

It was only when Noel Thompson, the commentator told the crowd that there was no need to panic but the buses had stopped going I thought huh? uh why?

For those of you who may be following the news over here, Belfast erupted in riots on Saturday night, albeit only in certain parts of the town which left this Canadian totally oblivious to any sort of danger that was going on.

I am unable to get to my email (which is a completely CANADIAN ISSUE eh hem hello!!) but am completely happy and safe. I don't know what type of media coverage is happening, if any outside of Ireland and the UK but thought since the media can blow a lot out of proportion, I would state for the record here that the craic is still good in jolly old Belfast.

And I did get the bus to work today.

Monday, September 05, 2005


I have no words for the emotions I feel right now.

I read one comment that said something like:

"The first 2 days of Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster. The next 5 days have been a man made disaster."

The sadness, heartache and anger is incomprehensive. If I feel this way, miles across the ocean, how are people actually living through it?

The Fug ladies have done a great job at compiling a list of places where we can all help.