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Just 80 more miles..

Today, I learned a good lesson from Mother Nature: Don't get too greedy with the weather.

Since we started our journey 3 days ago, we have had nothing but blue skies and sunshine, so much sunshine that in fact I was forced to stop at a Walgreens somewhere along the I-90 in South Dakota to buy some 'stylish' over-the-glasses-sun-gear so as not to burn my retinas from the glaring-ness that was the SUN.

So, today, when we decided around 4pm, that we were only about 160 miles shy of a city that would get us closer to a Seattle New Years and that we should just continue on, even if it got dark, I think Mother Nature decided she was going to give us a piece of her mind.

The first 80 of those last 160 miles were still serene - beautifully windy and picturesque amongst the Rocky Mountains. I had almost gotten over the fact that the day before felt just..too...long and had conceded that continuing on, past our 4-5ish finish time, would make tomorrow a shorter drive day.

Plus, there was…

Another Adventure Begun

It has been 5 months in the making but D and I are officially off on our next adventure.

This adventure has coincided with the longest most intense project I've worked on since my days as a book publicist.

And so, I am only now getting to the point where I have 2 minutes to myself, to write about just what is going on in my part of the world.

I am currently making a cross country trip from Ontario to British Columbia via the United States to my new home in Richmond, B.C.

D is going back to school, I am continuing to be a tech writer and we will be in the Vancouver area for the Olympics, not before we make the epic journey in our car across multiple States in a much more comfortable albeit similar distance as many many pioneers from years past across this vast continent.

So far, so good.

With many things to say, I'd rather collect thoughts before I put them here, however I thought it was important to get down that I am leaving, gone, moving, outta here, off again.

What I also will sha…