Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This is my favourite time of year. Whether I'm with family or connecting with people via Skype, I always find it the most relaxing and rejuvenating time of year.

For me, the summer is about busy-ness. It's about being outside, getting into nature, jumping on my bike and riding around some of the beauty that BC has to offer. It's about spending time on patios, alternating between mornings on the beach and evenings watching the sunset. It's about finding amazing things to do, adventures to go on, islands to visit, festivals to enjoy.

But this time of year provides the most quiet solace for me. Probably because we aren't always near loved ones, which means this time of year ends up being filled with late mornings, lounging pj time and junkfood-filled days.

As I type, I can see various runners trek past the window along the dyke, diligently adhering to their holiday fitness schedules. And, since I do have another half marathon (Dasani Half Marathon) in about 6 weeks, I probably should be doing the same.

But instead, I'm catching up online. And playing with my new Kobo Touch. And just, laying around. Literally planning my day around meals. Watching the hours tick away and content in the fact that I don't care. That I know my body must need this. That, even though there are tons of things I "could" be doing or "should" be doing, I'm not. And that's ok.

Because life's not about coulda's or woulda's or shoulda's. It just is.

Doing nothing will help me find the energy to start doing more in the new year. So I'll take it. And relish it. And continue to enjoy chips for breakfast and early afternoon tipples. I suggest you do the same. Here's to hibernating for a bit to re-energize us for the year to come.

Happy Holidays, fellow sloths.