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Just One More Reason NOT to Golf

I have to say it takes a lot to shock me these days when it comes to organizations not thinking globally. Since living abroad, I've learned that most countries are essentially quite insular and not very good at thinking outside their own borders.

I would not even go as far to say specific countries because I think each country has its own close minded view of the world, and, in their own way, contributes to this intolerance and understanding across the globe.

But I think the LPGA has really taken the cake on this with the latest rid-onk-ulous (thanks JF) decision.

English only please - we're not racist, just an American organization

I'm just wondering what exactly the LPGA was thinking? Oh yes that's it, they were thinking about THEIR SPONSORS.

What about all of the people AROUND THE WORLD who watch the bloody thing that DON'T speak English? That pay to fly all over the planet just to watch the stupid events? Maybe the LPGA should make all their players learn Spanish o…

Deep Thoughts

Happiness is about managing expectations. Expectations you have for yourself. Expectations you have for others. Expectations others have for you. (credit goes to a friend at work)

The beauty of travel is that at the mere mention of a city you've visited, your mind instantly creates a picture of that time there. (credit goes to a longtime friend)

These two ideas and thoughts seem to have been the most poignant for me over the past little while and I wanted to share them with you. Share with you the types of things that are rolling around in my head.

The summer is coming to a close and with it, I anticipate some breathing space in the world that is busyness. Some reflection time in the cool fall air. Some more energy put towards experiencing and less towards maintaining.

More time for the rose smelling, and the bird-chirping-listening. Simplification. Although it may be hard for people to understand but there is still a period of understanding, decompressing, computing, reflecting over …

Stick to the Jump Shots, Boys

The Olympics has of course sparked many controversial stories as it seems to every time it rolls around.

I always chuckle a little bit at the intense conviction of which many of the reporters cover stories of 'atrocities' and 'wrong doings' as if the end of the world was nigh, the large asteroid was seconds away from hitting and the world itself will NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN because of *insert daily controversy here*.

But this, people THIS takes the cake. I raise my hands up and say, yes, sometimes it REALLY IS THAT BAD.

What were they thinking?

Give it up for tolerance, peace, posterity and all that.

The Fever

I've got and not sure when it will go away.

Olympic fever!

I remember in Belfast, I used to take advantage of BBC's interactive feature, where you could 'press the red button' and 'go interactive', picking from 1 of 5 different live streams.

This allowed me to see every ice hockey game during the ENTIRE OLYMPICS - without commercials!

No interactive CBC but their Canadian coverage make up for it.

So, it's a sunny Sunday, I have grand plans of leaving the house but people, we're talking gymnastics here.

If I can't flip around on a mat, I might as well watch those skilled enough to do so.

To Kid or Not to Kid

A controversial - yet thought-provoking - article on having children.

I Kid You Not

And yes, I realise I made a pledge to write about stuff that I have not yet even read to write about.

It's coming...

But for now, let's hope this link will give you enough to think about until I find the time to think about the stuff I've written to re-write about it.

One thing that stuck in my mind after reading this article was something my mom said to me once.

A vegetarian friend of hers said that the largest hurdle about being vegetarian was not hunting for lentils and beans or avoiding those juicy BBQ steaks but having to defend her life choice by simply stating it. I'm a vegetarian seemed to translate into I want to argue with you about my life choice.



I have been thinking about this space and I do I have an idea which I think will keep me keep it updated.

It has now been over a year since we finished our time in Korea and started on a 6 month adventure that would take us across multiple time zones and continents.

Each day on that journey I kept a journal, which outlined the bare minimum of activities as well as meals and lodging.

For my own personal reflection - which, lucky you, will be able to take part in - I am going to read each day what I wrote about in that journal and really, just write here about it. Perhaps how I feel now about the entry. Perhaps a funny story that happened. Perhaps about how I have no idea what I actually did that day and that it was a good thing I wrote it down because I still can't picture it.

Starting tomorrow, I'll begin a new journey. One that doesn't include a lot of upset stomachs or late night anxiety or even white sandy beaches for that matter.

It will be a much more reflective one, a loo…