Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Why It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas

Let me first wish you all Happy Holidays - whatever you might be celebrating - and a Happy New Year.

I will definitely not be updating until the second week of January.

I am spending a week in the south of England with D's grandparents for a traditional English Christmas - crackers and all.

Then, us "jetsetters" fly off to Tunisia, Africa for an all inclusive week long holiday and to celebrate the New Year in the desert.

Let me leave you, though, with the thoughts that floated around in my head as I tried to find something interesting to leave you with for the next few weeks.

Why It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas...

1 - Because there is no snow. And in place of snow there is not even real rain but the misty pissy kind that hardly justifies an umbrella but gets you wet just the same.

2 - I have not bought my family any presents specifically because my favourite part of Christmas is watching them open up that perfect gift that I have found for them. That and shipping them from here would cost more then they are worth.

3 - Because the presents I have bought were thoughtful but I know I will not get the reaction that usually comes from my family members about their presents, at 7 am, in our pjs, Christmas morning.

4 - Because I am packing stuff for the beach !! and flying out to Tunisia in a week.

5 - Because I am trying not to think about how much fun my family will have on Christmas without me there so why not's not even happening!

6 - Because I have been so extremely busy flitting around Ireland promoting books that I don't actually even believe its December yet...where did November go?

7 - Because even with all the Christmas lights that line the Belfast streets, the decorations and wrapping paper that fill the shops, the people that buzz around, in a frantic panic, as though the world will end on Dec. 25, it is still not home.

Missing you all and thinking of you this Christmas

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

What's that number again?

When dialling any number over here, you usually have to remember city codes, country codes and international codes.

I think North Americans forget that all they have to enter is "1" and then they can dial the number anywhere in the big wide land mass that is North America.

I was chatting to my mom on Sunday - our usual gab fest that usually includes what's new with me, what's new with her, what's new with our jobs, what's new with the rest of the fam, what is the plan for chatting next week?

I was giving her the number to D's grandma's - where we're going for Christmas - and was explaining that she needed to put the international code in front and drop the regular '0' that you would usually have when you dialled the number.

Then, I proceeded to explain various scenarios where the numbers are different, such as calling the republic of Ireland is like calling another country however if you are calling from the republic to the north of Ireland, you need only dial the same number of digits you do if it was local - simply change the 028 to 048.

And you will know, if you're calling from the north, that if you have to dial "00353" plus "1" then you must be dialling Dublin however if there is no "1" then you are either dialling a mobile number OR a number somewhere else in the republic.

And that if you're in England and want to call Belfast, it's local. But if you in England and want to call Dublin, its not.

She stopped my rambles,

"Oh my god, I would not be able to survive over there. All those numbers!"

So dramatic, yes, I know but I had to smile. For the past few years, my mother has struggled with remembering multiple numbers. She does not know my number off by heart, even though I have had the same mobile for 2 years.

Picturing my mom over here, with the phone, trying to figure out which number to dial and which country she was in made me laugh.

I also had to laugh at her adoration of me being able to remember numbers and explain it to her as well.

Who knew THAT would be the part of my adventure she would be so amazed by?

Thursday, December 16, 2004


There is not a week that goes by that she doesn't cross my mind.

Hope you are soaring, my fellow travel chick:)

Monday, December 13, 2004

Old Scars

No matter where I go, no matter what I do, I don't think I will ever forget him.

No matter how well things are going in the here and now, I will always think of him.

I can't figure out if this is a good or bad thing.

Hard to Believe

It's hard to believe I have neglected this for over two weeks. What is the world coming to?

Things I have thought I want to write about:

Christmas shopping

Highshool nostalgia

Being a patient

Awaiting holiday


I hope to have time to write more this week at home so I can actually post them during the day.

Hope all your houses are happy during the holiday season.