Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why Avril Should do an Exercise Video

Out for a run today and thought I'd share some songs that get my legs pumping, my voice singing and my heart living eternally as a 15 year old.

A little bit of this

and a little bit of that

and why not some of this

Thank you Avril. You bring out the melancholy, indifferent, i-hate-you-guys teenager in me. That and the will to just...keep....running....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For a Thought

Hot Docs is this incredible festival that comes to Toronto once a year to showcase some of today's top talent when it comes to documentaries.

The festival continues until Sunday and would highly recommend you check it out.

There are a ton of different films, all which look interesting and inspiring, but I also want to point you to one I watch last night after the book launch as it accompanies the book.

Dr. James Orbinski is a Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of the Canadian sector of Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Triage: Dr. James Orbinski's Humanitarian Dilemma is a fantastic documentary about his journey back to the war torn countries in Africa he worked as a young doctor.

I highly recommend it, it makes you think about Africa and mostly humanitarianism as we know it today.

So happy to be taking part in artistic, grass roots events again. Toronto has so much to offer and I'm really getting psyched about the summer festivals ahead.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No Work All Play

I'm attending an event for this book tonight:

An Imperfect Offering
by James Orbinski

I'm excited because A) I haven't been to a book event in almost 2 years and B) I don't have to plan anything.

If you can't check out the event, check out the book.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Big Missing-the-Big-Picture??

Over the last month, I actually started watching Oprah's The Big Give.

My opinions on Oprah have not really changed over the years - she's an ambitious person who I can respect for her tenacity and drive, who has contributed to society nationally and internationally in a mostly positive way and who, at the very least, should be given some sort of kudos.

I just don't like her. Her show tends to be her and her celebrity friends ta ha ha-ing about all the times they were hanging out in fabulous places, too fabulous for her audience to ever dream of going there once. Then, she introduced Dr. Phil, who is just simply an advertisement for the obvious and a sad state of affairs if he is considered an 'expert' on helping people.

For me, it's mostly her book club, although I have to give her credit for getting people reading. It was more the pretending to not profit from the books. I suppose you don't count having to sign movie rights over to her company as profit. Cause that was the deal. I don't mind that she did that - I mind that she didn't DISCLOSE it.

But I'm getting sidetracked. The first episode of The Big Give I watched really got to me. It was the simplicity of people just helping other people, the idea that by watching average people on TV give, you suddenly will become inspired to do that.

And so I had to add one more thing to the list of kudos to Oprah (or perhaps the ingenious people that work for her) for this show. This show could really have a ripple effect - change people's lives for the better, one person at a time.

So, yes, I'm a fan of The Big Give and all that it has helped to do.

But I am still torn after reading this article in the Toronto Star.

It makes some good points about the differences between the U.S. and Canada - something us Canadians are always trying to define.

For me, the verdict is still out about the show. Changing the world can happen just one person at a time. And maybe it can effect the big picture, even if not immediately.

There's something to be said for empathy and the way The Big Give teaches it to us.

We're all concerned about the environment now. Isn't it also time we became concerned about our next door neighbours?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

If Train A is travelling at a speed of 100km an hour and Train B...

I've started to widen my job search according to my skill set and have added various writing gigs to to the list.

I just finished a 2 hour online test which tested not only my grammar but also sentence structure, logic and reasoning.

Is it 100% nerdy that I actually LIKED it?

For the most part, many of my jobs have consisted of a lot of people interaction. I suppose since I'm such a chatty Kathy, I figured that's the route to go with jobs.

But maybe it's not. Maybe silent words can be my friends. Maybe I can use that annoying habit I have of correcting people's grammar and actually put it to good use. Like TO MAKE MONEY or something like that.

That way, I can save all my talking energy for recreation.

Good idea, me thinks on this sunny Sunday.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Just Write Dude

I managed to find another blog today that I think will be a good one to follow.

Seth Godin's Blog

Recently I have been feeling tapped of most of my creative energy but looking through Seth's list reminds me that it's not always about writing perfectly, it's just about writing.

Another part of the blogosphere that makes me ponder a new addition - what would it be like if I recorded my voice READING my blog? Because I'm certain, that I use inflections in my head when I'm writing that doesn't always come across when you're READING.

And maybe one would say that, that if you're a GOOD writer your readers will GET IT but I can't say whether or not that's true actually because I read a lot of GOOD writers and I bet I'm not always reading them the way they would like to sound like.

And this type of genre is different than a book or a magazine or even a radio program. Because it can tend to get very stream of consciousness, very therapeutic for the writer, very unedited - which is not always a good thing but I can't yet categorize it as bad, not yet.

But in this world of blog writing, I just wonder how much more people might GET ME or how many other bloggers I just might GET A BIT MORE if I could hear their voice, the emotion that was attached to the words they were writing. What then? What would it be like? And how would that change my opinion of them?

People who actually know me in real world probably read this differently than people who don't.

But maybe THAT'S also a GOOD THING. Because then you can connect with people on a level that you didn't realise existed or that you could be understood on.

And so that opens more doors which opens your eyes more which educates you more which inspires you more which GETS YOU WRITING MORE.

So I suppose my voice isn't needed after all? Not sold on it yet. Plus, I'm about to make my million with my voice blogger idea. Oh dear, now you all know. Back to the drawing board.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Rainy days always tend to give me this infinite feeling. Like I have all the time in the world to get stuff done because hey, it's not even really NICE enough outside to do anything.

I'm actually EXCITED if you can believe it that I'm going to be sitting in on a Friday night, banging away in various capacities on a computer. In a basement office.

Many of you are probably picturing a dull dreary existence I'm leading, to be so excited about GREY and DARK.

Perhaps it's simply the way I'm feeling. More productive with the darker things in life.

I'm up and down about the job search. It's never fun for anyone but just like travelling extensively, you learn a lot about yourself and in the end, you'll probably come out a better person.

Some days I want to just hurry up to the better person part. Some days I'm quite happy to just be looking around, seeing what's out there, waiting for a perfect opportunity to come my way.

I've started down a path of freelance which is not currently 100% lucrative but certainly could be. It's all about focus, determination and dedication. And I'm getting there.

I'm still not convinced that I don't want a 9-5. There is so much more I think I can learn at a company and that I can offer an industry.

For now, I'm just going to keep throwing the balls at the universe and let it help me figure it out.

But for today, I'm going to just get down to it, feel productive and look forward to my evening BBQ.

What? You thought a little rain was going to stop a Canadian like me? Try again.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

One More Distraction

I was introduced to Twitter a couple of ways and finally it just hit the tipping point for me and I signed.

I've also been able to add it to my blog.

And this also reminds me how little I update the side bar content - doh.

Enjoy for now. While I'm still interested in filling you in on the excrutiating minutia of my day.

Monday, April 07, 2008


There has been a slight slump in A) the frequency of posts and B) my ability to keep a positive outlook.

I think perhaps it was a strange sort of boredom that was setting in, one that occurs when you're not being as mentally productive as you're used to being, one that was causing me a great bit of angst and annoyance.

It seems to have lifted, I can see through the fog and I've got a load of new energy with which to persevere.

As I have always written on this blog, any life you choose is filled with challenges. Some of those you're more prepared for. Some you didn't see coming and smack you in the face like a telephone pole as you round the corner.

The latter can be a bit more difficult to bounce back from.

But today, I'm flying high and just riding this wave.