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Do they EVER not look pretty?

As I was driving to the grocery store today I was taken aback by the beauty of the mountains along my view. 
We've been here for over a year now, working and studying away, pleasantly surprised by the mild weather, not so surprised (or enthused) about the expenses here in the most beautiful & expensive end of the country.

It feels like home, like we've been here forever. And although I've spent a good chunk of this 'winter' outdoors, spring is making it feel even more like a renewal.

But even with all this comfort and homey-ness abound there is still one sight I'll never get used to. Those glorious mountains.

And even as the thought crossed my mind, "Wow, do they ever look pretty today" I had to correct myself.

I mean, do these suckers ever NOT look pretty?


Just having a fabulous moment of happiness. My life is great. I have so many great things. And even when I think I'm straying off the path, I suddenly realise this is not the case at all.

The path was just leading me to where I needed to be, without me needing to do anything at all.

Energy will get you there. You just have to relinquish control.

Ok. Lesson learned. Thanks universe.