Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tables Turned

When I was a reporter, sometimes I would have killed to be able to make up quotes for people. To put words into their mouths, saying what they wanted to say but just more elegantly than they ever spoke to me in person.

Now, with the job of compiling press releases, I find myself at a loss to write good words of someone else.

There it is. A clean slate to work with. All I need to do is write them down. And I can't think of anything more interesting to say then 'we are very pleased to be bringing you..' or 'we'd like to thank...'

What happened to me? Where did all my words go? Where is that person who used to go out, talk to people, listen to their words, write them down and then imagine better quotes that would make the story sound more poetic?

Careful what you wish for, I guess.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Package of Gold

Yes, that's right, I arrived home last night from a wet walk to the grocery store to find a treasure.

I am often asked what I most miss from home. Until recently, I never really had an answer because family and friends is an obvious one and besides them what else could possibly matter?

In an effort to be able to make conversation, however, I decided that the weather would be one thing. Sounds strange to be missing the minus 40C weather but really, its the extremes. I love the hot summer much more BECAUSE of the minus 40C weather and if I don't have the minus 40C weather, how can I look forward to the steamy summer? And there certainly isn't anything steamy about the summer here unless you count the mist and rain as I STILL talking about the weather?

After that question is answered - and if the person has not backed away slowly - he/she will tend to ask what food I miss.

The only thing I really can't get here that I can get in Canada?

Kraft Dinner. KD. Crap Dinner.

Whatever you want to call it, I crave it. The comfort food factor of macaroni and processed cheese BUT not just ANY processed cheese, because I've tried that American Macaroni and cheese crap and it's just that..crap.

And so imagine my glee, when out of the blue, I get a parcel with SIX BOXES OF THE STUFF!!?!!?!?!? D was suprised my head didn't explode.
I could tell the distinctive writing anywhere (I won't NOW get into dissing my sister C's handwriting because SHE SENT ME A BOX OF GOLD!) and I beamed from ear to ear, giddy as a 16 year old on a first date.

Thoughts raced through my mind: I was having it for dinner. I was going to save it and have it for lunch. How the hell was I going to stare at 6 boxes in my cupboard and not eat them all at once?

I made the first box with such care last night. Worried that I might wreck one of the most expensive boxes of KD I'd ever had, D pointed out that if a first university student could figure out how to make it, I certainly shouldn't have that much trouble.

Dinner was divine. Lunch will be even sweeter.

C - thank you SO SO MUCH for spending 4 times the amount on shipping to get me six boxes of the golden stuff. Getting letters and presents from home is one of the best parts of living far away but getting presents that have been well thought out is even sweeter. Thank you so much. You made me so happy. Who knew all it took was good old KD?

Thank the universe for simple pleasures.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wow, who's that girl?

Just thought I'd have a look back to some of my first entries. Amazing how not matter how time passes, emotions can come right back up to the surface with a few written words.

Here was one of the first entries I ever wrote. I still believe this is true, for those of you who are pondering the idea of starting again. I had a lot of support but I had a lot of these too:

Ah the cynics. You have to wonder why it is they think it won't happen. I think deep down they really want you to fail. They disguise it mostly with suggestions as to what you can do or bring up a lot of 'what if' scenarios - like they actually care.

But deep down, they don't want to think this will be THAT easy.I'm not expecting it to be a walk in the park but I'm being intelligent enough to know what I will risk and what my limits are. I would say so far the hardest part has been the cynics. This is something I'm so excited about. I've never felt more focussed on something extra-ciricular in my life. But I must remember that not everyone is going to be excited for me. Some won't care. Some will be green with envy - I know that feeling cause I've been there.

Some may simply be bothered by the fact that beginning this adventure really was so doable. I guess it's easier to think that it's impossible to do something then to come to the realization that all you had to do was try.

I'm glad I listened to my mom (see first post)

My grocery man?

We were lucky enough to hear about a month ago that D would be kept on in a permanent position at the place he is at right now.

After a few weeks of adjustment, he is getting himself nicely settled in.

What I am missing, can I say, is my grocery man.

I am spoiled, internet, I really am.

I get home from work, I go to the gym, I maybe prepare the salad but for the most part, after I shower and get into my pjs, I have my dinner made for me.

When D worked from home on Canadian hours, it meant I could call him in the morning, decide what we were going to eat for dinner and he would be away to fetch it for me, if only because if he didn't leave in the morning, he wouldn't leave the house at all that day so REALLY he was securing his own sanity..but I digress.

Now that he is a standard 9-5ver, I am left with the job of picking up any items we do not have at home before the shops close.

Which leads me to:
1 - I could finish work at 11pm and still get to a grocery store 5 minutes from my house.

2 - I could get all my groceries on a Saturdy OR a Sunday and they would all fit in my NORMAL SIZED FRIDGE and NORMAL SIZED FREEZER

3 - Definitely Thanksgiving as I was dreaming of pumpkin pie and some good old NFL

I'm not sure what other people like ourselves do in Belfast. Perhaps I'll have to find a grocery-man-for-hire.

Although, he probably shuts at 5:30 and doesn't work Sundays.