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This is my favourite time of year. Whether I'm with family or connecting with people via Skype, I always find it the most relaxing and rejuvenating time of year.
For me, the summer is about busy-ness. It's about being outside, getting into nature, jumping on my bike and riding around some of the beauty that BC has to offer. It's about spending time on patios, alternating between mornings on the beach and evenings watching the sunset. It's about finding amazing things to do, adventures to go on, islands to visit, festivals to enjoy.
But this time of year provides the most quiet solace for me. Probably because we aren't always near loved ones, which means this time of year ends up being filled with late mornings, lounging pj time and junkfood-filled days.
As I type, I can see various runners trek past the window along the dyke, diligently adhering to their holiday fitness schedules. And, since I do have another half marathon (Dasani Half Marathon) in about 6 weeks, I pr…

Keep a' wandering

Having just returned from 3 weeks visiting friends and family, I must say quality can beat out quantity any time. I feel even more solid in my belief that combining close relationships with a nomadic lifestyle is achievable. There are challenges, risks, sacrifices and yet, what life doesn't have these things?

I have more write here, things I discovered about myself on this journey, things that came to light because of this journey and things that I've learned next time would be better to do (bring my travel partner D for starters)

It was a great trip home. Filled with stories and memories I hope to share.

But mostly, now, I'm enjoying being back on my couch, implementing the ideas that percolate when you surround yourself with the energy of loving friends and family.

Do they EVER not look pretty?

As I was driving to the grocery store today I was taken aback by the beauty of the mountains along my view. 
We've been here for over a year now, working and studying away, pleasantly surprised by the mild weather, not so surprised (or enthused) about the expenses here in the most beautiful & expensive end of the country.

It feels like home, like we've been here forever. And although I've spent a good chunk of this 'winter' outdoors, spring is making it feel even more like a renewal.

But even with all this comfort and homey-ness abound there is still one sight I'll never get used to. Those glorious mountains.

And even as the thought crossed my mind, "Wow, do they ever look pretty today" I had to correct myself.

I mean, do these suckers ever NOT look pretty?


Just having a fabulous moment of happiness. My life is great. I have so many great things. And even when I think I'm straying off the path, I suddenly realise this is not the case at all.

The path was just leading me to where I needed to be, without me needing to do anything at all.

Energy will get you there. You just have to relinquish control.

Ok. Lesson learned. Thanks universe.

Coming soon...

Something of interest :) .

I've not been inspired as of late and decided there really was no point in rambling on about what I had for breakfast or how I'm in desperate need of a tire guard for my bike so that I can stop having to wash my muddy jacket after every time I go for a bike ride. Wow. See? I guess I just DID tell you about that. And perhaps that's another reason to step slowly. away. from. the. machine.

But I'll leave you with this first.Cause it's catchy. And awesome. And inspiring. Just what I need: