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Worker B-Ware

It always brings me great pleasure when an injustice is brought to justice.

And working in the serving industry to fund my university (well, okay, it funded all the FUN parts of university because my parents contributed to all the schooling) I can appreciate what an exhausting job it can be.

So this story makes me believe in just desserts and what I like to call 'travel karma' or in this case 'dining karma'.

Don't Let Friends Dine and Dash - But if They Do, Be Sure to Rat Them Out on Facebook

The best part of this story was what the dashers employer did.

Now that is what I call industry loyalty and a little bit o' work karma.

It's All Good

I always like to give a shout out to ideas that I find are very inventive, even if the presenters of the said idea are actually trying to sell me something.

I actually don't mind that - I'm a bit of an ad junkie in a way and have been known to purchase a product just simply because I liked the creativity of the ad.

It's not really enough any more to just have a product that does stuff or makes my life easier. What I really want to see is HOW CREATIVE you can get to get you hands on my dough before your competitors come along and do so.

And so, when I stumbled upon the new Dell campaign, I had to express how impressed I was with this ingenuity:

Good News Day

Pay attention to the scrolling bar. The attention to detail (and the tongue and cheek way of doing so) made me giggle.

It's a Location Thing

The best part about being back in Toronto is how easily I can get access to all of the things I love about the places that are NOT Toronto.

Like, thanks to David's Tea, I'm able to have authentic, Chinese green tea, as referenced in this entry, any time I want. I can bring myself back to that afternoon in the tea museum, pretty much every time I pour a cup of tea.

I was able to have some delicious kimchi jigae a few weeks ago with a vegetarian friend I introduced to Korean food. The restaurant looked exactly the the ones in Oe Dong D and I used to frequent - tons of tables crammed into a tiny space, full of Koreans enjoying their food. They even had the cutlery boxes on the table AND the napkin boxes as well.

There's an Irish pub right around the corner. It has the old wooden booths, the Irish beers on tap and (although a little OTT) the girls all dressed in kilts (also because kilts are kinda Scottish ge the picture)

The beauty of all these experiences is that …

In Case you Haven't Heard...



And now I'm helping to perpetuate that problem but BLOGGING about it but mostly I wanted to blog this.

That I'm not sure whether being away for 6 years has sheltered me from all the bad=ness that seems to happy ONLY in North America or whether this is really bigger than all the headlines about Afghanistan or Iraq or the Tsunami or global warming.

Because I remember talking to my family when I was away wondering why they were getting so obsessed with one thing or another and now maybe I realize that maybe JUST MAYBE the MEDIA WAS OBSESSING THEM.

Because I'm being bombarded with this information that is only about ONE THING.

A thing that I suppose is really important but is potentially being dealt with EXTREMELY BETTER in parts of the world where they have actually had real problems like droughts and bombs and fear of N. Korea that th…

When Talented People Become Moms

So, there has always been the if/what if/when conversation in my house regarding entry into the whole mommy world.

But I have to say, that my favorite blogger and her friends has done it again, showing us just what can happen if when those creative types take mommy-hood by the kahoonas and SPEAK OUT.


If/when the mommyhood fairy visits me, I hope I'm as innovative as all of these lovely ladies.

A Math

For as long as I can remember, I have not been very good at math. This tends to make sense as words are more my friend.

My family and friends often refer to math-gone-wrong as 'A Math'.

There was a recent conversation at the cottage that turned everyone into laughing hyenas as I said something to the effect that "5+5 is like 11", not EXACTLY 11, but just LIKE it.

You get the picture.

And so in honour of A Math, I had to add this video. credit where credit is due as I'm not sure where this came from, just know that I feel just that bit more vindicated.