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Bid, Drink and Be Part of a Good Cause

I'm heading out tonight to this event:

Nights for Rights

I'm excited to go for a good cause.

I'm intrigued about bidding on the auction, especially what David's Tea will have on offer.

I'm hoping it will help me feel a little closer to the big G-Town reunion I'm missing that's going on in London as I write.

I'm certain I will drink my recommended daily drink intake (that is, according to my doctor who I saw yesterday, 9 drinks) in the evening.

Happy Weekend.

It's Almost TOO Bad

I thought I couldn't be more shocked about FOX "news" (and I use that term lightly) but this recent clip scares me. I'm a bit at a loss for words on what to say. I'm not intentionally trying to further promote negativity from the U.S. because I know so many Americans who are good, kind, thoughtful, respectful, intelligent people.

I guess I just couldn't help but think of all the soldiers families when I saw this, even as recently as this past weekend when four more were lost. And I also thought, what would FOX news have done if someone talked about their military in this manner?

Also ignorantly poignant that one of the commentators didn't even realise that Canadian troops were fighting, that we have been for 8 years, in a country the U.S. pretty much just abandoned.

I'm not sure what I expect to come out of posting this. I suppose if we look at this and remember that some people are watching this in the U.S. right now as their source for information. And…

Hey Fly Boy

In high school, I gave my mother a heart attack when I announced that I was going flying with a classmate and that the 17 year old would be flying the plane. He introduced me to negative Gs and even let me take the wheel for a bit - sorry Mom, I wasn't telling you that part!

We all knew back then that there was no stopping this guy. And I can't believe I'm only 15 people away from saying I flew with the next Canadian astronaut.

Stolen from CTV, that dashing young gentleman centre and just left of the lone female is my good fly boy friend.

After that flight, we became good friends. Either that or he tolerated me for another good number of years, rambling on as a girl among the boys, always ending up being a crazy pants in one shape or form.

We'd lose touch then reconnect then lose touch again. Training to be an astronaut tends to require some dedication. My only excuse was too much time spent in the pub.

I'll be watching him now, though, keeping every limb crossed to get…