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Lessons from a Cross Country Trek

As an incredibly social being, I forget sometimes that slowing down and stopping can be the best thing for a creative mind.

That's why, confining myself to a vehicle for about 5 days to drive across the country was probably just what the doctor ordered.

And it's hard for me to imagine, that it was just only one month ago that I was actually in that vehicle, gazing out the window watching sites like this:

I had promised that I would post about our trip, write about all that happened in our adventure along the way.

I suppose I have not yet done so for a couple of reasons - 1 being that as I've forgotten, setting up house can be an exhausting experience and after spending my days wandering aroud IKEAs and Zellers and Mr. Choo's Dollar Store, rotting my brain in front of the television seems like the best thing at the time.

So, when I sat down today, it was with conviction to really try to document exactly what happened along the trip.

I started with looking at the pictures…

The size of my HEAD

There have been many things that I have been awestruck about this end of the country.

For one - and those of you who know me, big eye roll please - the weather!! The fact that I went for a run in January IN MY SHORTS was fansatically wonderful. The fact that I ran past the mountains was even better.

For another - the food. So much deliciously exotic food surrounds my new home. Thai. Vietnamese. Portuguese. Chinese. Irish (HEYit's still foreign!! and delicious..)

But what has struck me most about the food, what blew my mind, was the SIZE of the pieces of sushi and sashimi.

Yes that IS my chopstick, NOT a toothpick.

Clearly if you are from the Vancouver area YOU HAVE BEEN HOLDING OUT ON US because no one has EVER told me about the amazing size of the pieces you get out here. Either that, or Tokyo Joe's has just opened and is will be going out of business in a week's time for selling WAY TO MUCH FISH for WAY TOO LITTLE!!

I have lived in Korea and while I have never been to Ja…

Ringing It In

We managed to get ourselves all the way to Seattle for New Years Eve, which if you'd asked me a week ago if I expected to do that, I probably would have shook my head with a no no no no no no no. We're going to take it NICE AND SLOW.

But, as the weather held out mostly, we simply wanted to take advantage of clear skies and keep on trucking.

Speaking of clear skies, there was some mention in my LAST post about the rain we would be encountering and the snow we would be avoiding. Ah, ya, so, about that...

There was a great commercial a few years ago, for a bank, that had a couple doing their budgeting going over the list of monthly expenses they needed to account for. The man at the computer, he was typing in all of the items his wife listed off - groceries, car, mortgage, facial, insurance - when he then stopped and turned:


and in a very high pitched voice, she responds:

"Did I say facial?"

And I tell you story because I want you to try and imagine…