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Party Girl

Still recovering from my weekend in Glasgow. Had a fantastic surprise bday planned for D that went off without a hitch.

Have a few stories to share but after giving myself a mild concussion (read: a little bump on the head but we're talking in hypochondriac language here) my head has been fuzzy since we got on our plane home.

Will be back soon.

Letter to the Kid #4 - The big ONE

Happy Birthday Tiger.

Well mister, you've made it. Welcome to single digits. Gone are the days of defining your age by months, although I do think some moms continue to use "he's 18 months" instead of "he's one and half" but not being a mom myself I don't quite get it.

You certainly have made some milestones in this year, first being that you lit up the Bannon-House world when you FINALLY decided to arrive.

I remember waiting anxiously to hear the news. A little part of me thinks my blog willed you to come to be. Perhaps I'm overstating but at least I can live in the fantasy world until you're old enough to talk to me about it.

You are definitley one of the cutest kids in this world - my whole office agrees. There are some kids that you think, aw, he's cute. But no, you are adorable! cheek pinchable! face kissable! You definitely got it going on.

There is still a debate as to who you look like but here, let me help clear it up. When your laug…

"It's nice to have a boyfriend"

Friendsdefined so many of the moments in my life. It's silly to attach yourself to a tv show I know but what other outlet do I find myself laughing at THE SAME EPISODES OVER AND OVER AGAIN? Well, none really?

When Rachel and Ross starting dating, so did D and I. It was, of course, our 'university years' which were filled with much drama but isn't that what university is about? Basically and extension of high school except with no parents to surpervise so the drama becomes more drunk induced and later at night.

When Chandler said "How about we move into together and you understand what I'm talking about", it sort of fell in line with when D and I decided after 5 years it was time to take the plunge.

And it always seemed I had a little bit of competitive Monica in me - when travelling, we had to play Gin Rummy without keeping score because I didn't like the thought of losing. I'm easy going with Trivial Pursuit, all else, I'm pretty much a do or di…


Last night as I was falling asleep, I had all these great 'blog' thoughts.

Perfect posts to erase the previous rant from yesterday.

As I sit at my machine, they are lost. Fallen out of my head.

Must learn to write in the book that on my beside table instead of being so lazy and thinking to myself, 'oh forget it, i'll remember this in the morning'

Ya, right.

Hormonal Hell

I really can't be arsed.

I hate this time of the month. It's always the same - two or three days until the beginning of my friend's visit.

And see, Internet, I don't even give to flying f**ks whether or not I've given you too much information.

I am the grumpiest, frumpiest, most easily-irritated, most unmotivated, annoying human being on the planet.

Just hoping all the ladies in the land can sympathise.

Fingers crossed I'll back when the demons leave.

Aren't you glad you stopped by today?

For more uplifting words go here or here or here or hell, just go here.

Life List

I wish I had the courage to write down everything I wanted like this.

I clicked on it instantly thinking it would be fantastic to see just exactly what we might be on a life list. As I started reading, I became so competitive, I had to stop.

"Why can't I put all that down?" I thought.

So will book mark it and leave it for another day.

I have made a similar list. A list to do before your 30.

That actually scares me even more because I wrote the list when I graduated in 1999 (eek) and didn't expect the bit 3-0 to creep up on me so quickly.

It's packed away in a box, somewhere in D's parent's garage. It's never been looked at, except for the time two of D's asshole friends thought it would be really funny to start going through boxes of stuff in the spare bedroom I let them sleep in. I had just moved in a few weeks before and the usual Saturday night crowd - which I adored partying with - had all crashed at D's..well, it had become ours *sigh*

And not o…

Of Nothingness

A weekend filled with TV, pjs, fun fruit juice (like Blueberry and Raspberry/Pomegranate (sp)) makes Mondays not so bad.

After starting Friday off being annoyed that the clump of phelgm in my throat from smoking cigarettes with my visitors for A WHOLE WEEK, I think my body has recovered and is ready to take on the world.

Thing I accomplished this weekend:

I did ALL THE LAUNDRY! - this never happens on the weekend. It enevitably spills over the Monday /Tuesday

I read - working for a publisher you would think this happens a lot. But it doesn't

I talked to my mom FOR TWO HOURS - this is what happens when you usual weekly conversation doesn't happen for a couple of weeks. I can't WAIT for her to be done her job on Friday. There are some great things happening for her, I just hope they don't happen too soon so she might be able to take a crazy flight to visit me!

I slept - a lot. a alot. a lot. nuff said

Welcome Little Miss Norah A

You are the reason I have not updated this blog in so long. I really didn't want to say anything on this site until I had a chance to properly welcome you into the world with a few words from me.

You will now join company with 'The Kid', to whom I try to write to, although not as frequently as I should. Your arrival has reminded me I need to more often.

You are most likely wondering who I am.

You've met your goofy dad. You've met your sweet mom. You've met the rest of our crazy family, including your granny - who's head about exploded with excitement into the days leading up to the arrival, your granted - who, from past experience, is an expert at wretching open sliding doors to a hospital emergency room if you find yourself in your parents arms having convulsion within the first year of your life. (I digress but please don't do that to your parents. I'd did it four times and it was SO NOT COOL for them. Me, I don't even remember)

You've no doub…