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Happy Birthday HB

I've often written about my many ups and downs, highs and lows, crazy and sane moments here on this website.

What most of you may not know is that the reason there are ups and highs and sane moments is because of the funniest, smartest, most caring, most rational, most patient person in the world.

These days, much of his time is spent finding the perfect place to eat, sleep and beach for one very particular and mind-changing Gemini. And he has succeeded as only a Virgo can.

As today is his birthday, I hope that all he'll have to worry about is what time he has to get out of the bed to go to dinner.

We have now spent 11 of his birthdays together, although he will remind me that on his 20th birthday I was too busy flitting around for frosh week to actually KNOW it was his but still, I was there in spirit.

The next 10 have been filled with succulent dinners and exciting escapes and presents that went well (massages) and presents that were more on the peculiar side (a mixed tape?????).

Back to the Beach

Every Monday we would ask our students "What did you do on the weekend?"

Depending on the level of the class we would get answers ranging from 'my, mommy, daddy, home' to 'teacher, I went to the mountain and climbed with my mother and father and brother and it was a fantastic day. I was very surprised'.

I would envitabley, fill my students in on what I had done. During the last few months, it ended up being the same thing. "I went to the beach".

One day, in D's class, when he went to tell his students what he did, one of his students interupted and said, "Teacher, I know where you went. You went to the beach."

D laughed. He told her she was right.

She smiled and spoke again.

"Teacher, I think you love the beach. Always, on the weekend, you go to the beach".

She was right.

And so off we go again. Back to the beach. For another 5 days of relaxation, snorkelling, sleeping, eating, card playing, book reading and general doing nothingness…

A Brand New Woman

It's amazing what a trek in the jungle, some days on the beach and lots of different yummy foods can do to change your perspective.

I feel like a totally different person than the one that left Korea almost 2 weeks ago.

Was that only 2 WEEKS AGO???

I have some pictures I want to post but will have to wait until tomorrow.

We're on a land stopoever from the island hopping in Kuala Teregganu on the East Coast. We'll spend a couple of days in the city to start appreciating the sunny beach again once we get back there on Tuesday.

It's mostly the not-working thing that has obviously relaxed me.

But there is a little of the non-trapped-ness that is helping as well. I don't feel stuck anymore. I don't feel tied down. And I know that I'm on an amazing adventure, one that is destined to end with a big party with family and friends.

And that's a journey worth taking.

Oh What a Feeling

We're away! We're gone! Asta la vista baby! Bring on holiday!

With only one day of permanent holiday officially under my belt, I feel free as a bird.

Free as the birds I saw in the bird sanctuary today. The LARGEST ONE IN THE WORLD. The one I went to, you know, when I WAS IN MALAYSIA.

I can't believe I'm here and I can't even remember what I was doing before I was doing this.

Did I mention it's only been a day?

I expect to not have much internet time for the next little while. I'm trekking in the jungle and laying on the beach.

Enjoy your August. I'll get to ya when I get to ya.