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It's working..

I got some great work started yesterday. I'd forgotten how great a pad of paper and a pencil could be.

When I was in early highschool - say grade 9 or 10 - I always did my rough drafts on paper.

My grade 6 teacher taught me something I will never forget:

"You always need an outline. No matter what you're writing. Otherwise, all your words will get lost along the way"

And since then, I have always written things exactly that way.

First, I would scribble out the ideas for the essay or story that I needed to write.

Then, I would use numbers to put them in order - a simple number circled beside the thought.

Then, you just write. Start with section one and continue through to the last section. I worry about the transitions after.

I did this yesterday. It felt great. I was so much more focused on the words and description then what was coming before or after.

When you're typing, it feels different - to me anyway. Like the typed words are written in s…

I went to see the movie Monster last night. Beyond the 'oh isn't it amazing that a beautiful woman could look ugly', I was stunned.

As we left the movie, the friend I was with turned to me and said:

"I just kept thinking, what if this was your life?"


It was exactly what I had been thinking. Imagine being a person who nobody ever loved. Who was forced out into the streets to work for money to eat. Who was on the brink of killing herself and then stumbled across someone who really just wanted to talk to you.

I won't go into details as I think you should all go and see it but it was the oddest feeling I've ever had walking out of a movie.

Because, at the end of the day, she killed people - men. Just because - most of them - were slimy enough to pick up some poor prostitute along the highway, I still can't justify her killings.

I don't think the movie is trying to, though. It's just trying to give you a peek into the life of thi…
Have Your Say...Again!
AH - HA! I have figured out the comments...thanks for your patience...all of you who were *dying* to comment...give it a go

Kick Start My Heart

On another note, I have decided I need some creative days away from my computer. Feisty made a good point on her blog the other day. Sometimes, you need to get away from they grey maching (or blue or green or red..if you're a lucky Mac user) and just write it down on paper.

I have a ton of stories I want to write for Mosaic Minds and I just need a kick start.

Kinda like cleaning. I love a clean, clutter free house. But I'm such a pack rat, that it takes me so long to clean anything. I procrastinate - anyone sensing a pattern? - so I don't have to do it.

But once I get going, I can't stop. It would probably take me the entire afternoon because not only does everything have to go in in its place, it also has to shine like a model home.

So, I just need to get going. I know as …
Sisters, Sisters

I decided to head into the city this weekend. Hang out with my sister who for years lived right around the corner from me.

We went to the same university, lived in the same frat-house residence, hung out with relatively the same people.

We used to use each other for stuff.

"C, can you go to the bank for me?"

"A, can you pick me up from this (insert any downtown location from Tim Hortons to Whiskey Saigon)?"

We usually we end up being annoyed with each other's performance. She wouldn't have gone to the right bank. I would have been too late.

We didn't really hang out. We just kinda lived amongst each other.

She was literally a 5 minute walk. And I probably saw her twice a month. And only one of those times would actually have been a social visit.

I would always say the wrong things. She would always misinterpret what I meant. I would become annoyed with her overreaction. She was hurt by my complacency. We were growing in different direct…

Hey everyone - been a bit hectic this week and hoping to be a bit more inspiring next week.

I wanted to get this on my blog ASAP.

In Mosaic Minds, we run a regular column called "Online Outlook". Each month, we ask for responses from our readers to a theme based question - if you haven't seen the section, here's what we're looking for:

"Next month, our theme is Nostalgia and we want to take you back into time. What smell, sight touch, sound or taste brings back the fondest childhood memory you have? Email the travel editor ( with your answers. Please include the name you'd like us to use, email address and your website if desired."

So, send us your thoughts...inquiring minds want to know...
Out of Commission

Good news is, temp gig is working out for a couple more days.

Bad news is, I'm not sure I will get to post as much as I would like this week.

I was really hoping to dive back into writing again after the launch of Mosaic Minds but it looks like it's not meant to be right now.

And I'm feeling the crunch to see people. There are so many that I haven't hung out with yet and now that we have our tickets, our days will be numbered.

Will write more later.

Have a great week!
It's Happening Again

I'm feeling anxious about writing and I hate that.

It's like I'm scared to sit down and put my thoughts on paper.

At the same time, I feel like I'm living my life with narration.

It seems - lately - that every conversation or event that is occurring around me suddenly turns into this inner dialogue. It's flowing. It's poetic. It's funny. It's a deep look into the mind of a crazy woman the way she views the world.

But when I get to the place where I can write it down, I freeze up.

I need to figure out a plan. Perhaps I'll get a tape recorder. Or force myself to some quiet, writing time at the same time each day.

There are parts of me that likes when the going gets tough with my writing because then it validates to me that it's not something just anyone and everyone can do.

But at the same time, it's scary because it has always been something that has just come easy to me.

I'm not meaning to sound conceited or prete…
Sleepy Error

Anyone who read this today will have no doubtably seen my 'woman' as opposed to 'women' slip - I apologize to my fellow grammar geeks. It was early this morning and I was very excited. (if you haven't seen it...too bad, it's already gone. Yippee for the edit feature)

Mosaic Minds, though, doesn't have the issues that my post seemed to!

It contains some wonderful stuff about life, how to cook, what craft to start, where zippers came from, what to do in cities around the world from Kiruna to Berlin, which movies to see and not see, which books to open and which books to close.

As my Feisty Friend said, so much to mention and the above is just a synopsis.

We are also gearing up for our second issue and will be taking submissions. The theme is Nostalgia and we're set to publish in March - check our site for deadlines.

And come on, who doesn't have a great story attached to our theme?


On the $$$ note, the day job is going great. Although…
You've Always Got Time For...

A full day's work, a couple of glasses of wine later and I'm waxing philosophical.

I really wish that corporations could understand how important it is to keep your employees happy.

I wish they would get it into their heads that they could make so much more money by making people want to get up to go to work in the morning.

I'm temping at a place like that right now and I must tell you, I feel so privileged. I also feel, like I shouldn't feel that way. All places should be like this. Glad to say it's also home grown Canadian as well.

But, more executive suits think in green $$ and want to know the benefits.

A happy employee comes into work every day and doesn't take 'calling in sick' as an excuse to be hungover. This saves you money because you don't lose a productive member of your staff in turn making you money because you don't have to look elsewhere for another part time member of staff.

A happy employee is y…
Time Time Slipping..Slipping Away

Not only am I not really inspired, I now have no time!!!

Work all day - at a very funky place except no internet access

'Special Project' in the evening - we launch so soon!!

Bear with me until with weekend....

Also, no idea what is up with the comments - must be my provider..sorry!

And no, they don't have the 2nd Season of West Wing. Grrr

Blah Blah
I find it difficult to write something when I don't really have much to say.

Also, I know it will be boring for the reader.

Also, I am going to the dentist this afternoon and hope that something about the trek into Toronto will give me something to talk about.

First day at new temp gig tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.

I think something routine will help me actually get to all the 'stuff' on my list.

When you have infinite time during the day, it's easy to procrastinate.

Perhaps if I wasn't up so early my other bloggers would have already posted their thoughts and it could spark something.

On an unrelated note, just finished watching the full Season 1 of the West Wing on DVD. I have been an avid fan since it debuted and the episodes were no less funny or witty the second time around.

Off to find out where Season 2 on DVD is...
Four More...

I only recently became an addict.

Leeds did it to me.

I'm not sure if it was the isolation from friends, the lack social activities or my competitiveness.

But it got to me - under my skin. And now, it seems, I can't live without it.

It's step aerobics. I just can't get enough.

I was never one to even go to the gym in my early twenties. I used to play sports to keep in shape.

When I did go, it would be to do a few weights. I could never get into the machines and certainly did not think that a class would be worthwhile.

I always had images of Jane Fonda with her tights, leg warmers and eighties hair. Ick.

I also never like to do things that were trendy or that everyone else was doing. This is why I always said I was never really a fan of New Kids on the Block and when I finally caved to peer pressure I decided the cutest was Danny - the one no one else really liked. But I digress...

So, when my British friend asked me to go to Step Aerobics class with her, I …
Granny Snowbird

There have been moments when I realized that I am getting old.

Like the time I walked into a club and thought it must be underage night only to find that everyone was in their early twenties.

Or like the time I walked past a group of ladies in Leeds on a hen night and 'tsk tsked' them at being out in next to nothing on a cold evening.

There was also the time I decided to stop watching all sports as I didn't like the fact all the atheletes were now all younger than me.

And now, we come to last night.

I picked D up from his new job - feeling quite 'wifey' with my matching hat and gloves and red Subaru with a kid seat in the back.

The first thing he said as he jumped in the car:

"What are you listening to?"

"CBC Talk Radio"

"Oh, you want to put on a shawl and fly down to Florida for your retirement too?"

I love him because he's dry and deadpan and makes me accountable for my decisions.

I had to shake my head because I s…
Blogging 101

Should I be making lists?

It seems that every blog I go to these days has lists about something. Likes, dislikes, funny smells, favourite places, reasons not to yell at your mom.

I'm wondering if I'm not doing enough in this space.

What is it that keeps people coming back? What is it that peaks their curiosity so much that they'll want to return?

Is this really just a space where I write stuff I want to read? And, occasionally, I happen to catch someone's eye and they may or may not be interested in reading one or two entries.

Some people have very pretty blogs. I want to steal their fonts. I'm very obsessed with fonts. I like mine but I think it could be better.

Do you know, I can get lost in other people's blogs? Just start clicking from page to page, finding out about who they are, what they did when they were little - basically becoming close to them and they don't even know it.

I think I could get lost in creating my own web site. I can pic…
Where am I?

I'm feeling lost.

I'm not doing enough. I'm not getting enough done.

I had all these plans - as I always do - and it seems like I'm not getting at anything!

I'm freaking out!!!

Okay, breathe.

I need to make a list of things I have done:

1 - Managed to find a temp job within 2 days of being back in Canada after holiday festivities in Chicago

2 - Started 2 books - A book about a guy, his wife and kid and their experiences living in Paris and a Travel Writing book that has lots of exercises - I love the feeling that I am doing something like school.

3 - Seen most of my highschool friends since I got back, two of my university friends and some of my important old work friends.

4 - Seen my immediate family, one set of cousins and one set of grandparents.

5 - Only have 1 grandparent, 2 sets of uncles and cousins, 5 work friends, 3 university friends and 2 highschool friends to see before March.

6 - Decided which day were are leaving

7 - Started running again…
A Pic Worth 1000 Words

D has found this funky program that allows you to make slide shows with pictures and music. He has taken all of our photos over the last year and created a 2-minute slide show.

It was amazing seeing all the pictures flash by in front of my face. D posing reluctantly in front of yet another French cottage. A scenic picture of the Spanish landscape from a train. Me, relaxing on the beaches of Greece. D, copying the pose of the pointing man in Germany, the flying man in Venice, even jumping behind the tourist cardboard cut out of the Manequin Pis in Brussels.

There are shots of buildings, me in front of buildings, D jumping in front at the last minute to create an action shot.

Lots of fuzzy pictures. Dark pictures. Pictures that other people take for you that don’t quite look they way you want them to – such as the picture of us and the Eiffel Tower except, all you see of the Tower is the top stick behind us. I might as well be a hydro tower.

Pictures with ‘new best…
A Mild Irritation

I have started this blog entry 5 times - each with a different message.

My brain is all over the place. I'm easily irritated and getting quite emotional.

I am not pregnant - I'm living with D's parents, need I say more - and I am not PMSing, although I fully admit to succumbing to my hormones the week before my lovely friend arrives. This, however, means its two weeks ahead of schedule, which I know it is not.

I am however, truly annoyed. If only I could figure out why. I feel like there is not enough time during the day however I am not even at work.

I was so happy this morning. Another temp job starts next Monday. This means, I am guilt free for the rest of the week and can actually concentrate on what matters to me - writing.

But I am still irritated. I just looked it up ( is a wonderful resource - it gives you multiple responses for words)

1 - To be a cause of impatience or anger.

2 - To increase the action or violence of; to heighten…
Happy New Year!

I’ve been out of commission for a while but it has been spectacular to have the break. I was so happy to visit my family last week. We so rarely get together because of the distance.

My parents are in Chicago. My sister is in North Carolina. My other sister is in Toronto. And me? Well last year I was in England so…

This was the first time we have all been together in over a year. I did see my parents in June but then one of my sisters wasn’t there. Plus, the boyfriends came this time. It was amazing how everyone got along. Even thought it was only four days, it felt like two weeks because everyone was home the entire time. Really energized me.

I also got some great writing books from my mom. It will help me to focus on putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – and turning my thoughts and ideas into stories.

Also – a project that I’ve been working on is coming close to deadline. Can’t wait to reveal it to you all but of course, I am waiting until it is ready to go …