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Letter to the Kid #5

Someday Kid, if you're lucky, you will have a little brother or sister.

I'm so lucky I have THREE. Two little sisters and a little brother, who is the littlest.

When your little, you may tend to argue and disagree a bit and there may event be pulling of hair although you'll be the big brother so it wouldn't really be fair to beat your little sisters or brothers up. If you continue, however, to act like your mom as you are right now (so I hear mister candies-need-to-be-organised-before-eaten) you will be a great big brother.

You will also have fun moments. Keeping each other company on long road trips in the car playing the license plate game or the alphabet game with countries then animals then food then..well, anything..because road trips can be long and if your dad is anything like my dad there is no stopping to go should be okay because girl bladders tend to be worse but I feel for your little siblings if they're sisters.

There will be Christmas trad…

The Party's Not Over Yet

When I was a little girl, I hated bedtime. I hated having to go to my room leaving people awake, knowing that I just might be missing out on something.

About 20 years on and I still hate leaving the party.

As I struggled this morning to pull myself up out of bed after only rolling into it about 4am, I cursed myself and contemplated my dilemma.

Why is it I'm the last to leave? Why can I not just give a big wave to the all nighters and say cheerio and good night?

It's funny to think that just over a year ago I was slightly distraught by the lack of social life I was able to have, not knowing anyone in this city. Last night, we had 3 invitations to various parties in various parts of the city - all quite important and unmissable.

The first was a wedding - er, well the reception as the couple had gone off and eloped.

The second, a house warming party for my dear German friend who, because of the ridiculous high price of home ownership in Germany, had bought her first home in her early …

Bad Bad Blogger

I am a bad bad blogger.

How can I even call myself that when my last post just bounced you off to another site?

Very very very very bad.

Does it count that I'm F-ING INCREDIBLY BUSY MY EYES ARE GOING TO POP OUT OF MY HEAD blogger? Does that give me any points?

No excuse.

Bad bad blogger.

Given er

I read a blog today that mad me laugh so hard, tears were rolling down my face.

It was not because the poster was annoynmous - it was because many moons ago, D and I used to 'hang' with these crazy animals...

The night that was described sounded like many a night spent with them.

Glad to hear not much has changed.


Congrats Jake and Linda! Can't wait to catch up in April!!:)

Marching to their own Drums

Yesterday was the very North American holiday, Hallowe'en.

I never realised it was so NORTH AMERICAN until I travel abroad and realised no one else really celebrates like we do.

Perhaps it is our self confidence in our beliefs that allows us not to be superstitious about ghosts and goblins. Or perhaps it's just another reason to spend money, including that every commerical savy Hallmark card.

At work over this past couple of weeks, I was getting the old 'oh ya, is't Hallowe'en' and then this knowing nod from the person that I have learned to understand means:

'I am simply placating your American sized ego but really think you are most ridiculous and juvenile for partaking in such a trival holiday'

I realise that I am not American but it seems anyone that comes from a continent that is not Europe or Asia is American and therefore, I have given up adding the NORTH bit every time someone mentions those AMERICAN ways. Please people, you must choose your battles…