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The Year of Me

When I turned 29, I decided I would really start taking care of myself for the last year of my twenties.

I would attempt to avoid smoking cigarettes EVERY AGAIN. I can't say I've been successful however, I've stopped by packs when I go drinking so that's a start.

I also decided I would train for the Belfast marathon, which happens in April/May. I have since decided that perhaps I should try and do the half marathon but the whole motivation was really to try and keep me from smoking and hopefully I can keep that in my head.

I have been going to the gym for over a year now, not to only look good but more to feel good. I am at a loss if I haven't been active in 3 days.

I also decided to become a pamper girl. 'Take care of your skin and it will take care of you'. Perhaps it sounds decadent but I think it's a small cost to pay for a little enjoyment. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on holidays to the sun. I just need to go to the spa for a facial, manicure…

Da Funk

After a 2 week holiday, I was back at work for 3 days


I had a weekend and 3 days off, this being the last day of my 5 day weekend.


I will go back to work for 2 days and then have 2 days off.

You would think I would have had time for my brain to create something at least half interesting to write about.

Am I in a rut? I don't know.

I'm not overworked at the minute. I don't have anything sucking my creativity away - in a good way.

I guess if you declare yourself a writer then sometimes the pressure to write must be unbearable.

I predominantly work in the publishing industry now and I suppose, by standards, I wouldn't consider myself on the writing end of the scale.

Being in promotion is creative. Being promotion for books is fantastic as it does combine two of my strongest joys.

Does this mean then that the blog has no purpose anymore? Was I blogging because I had no outlet? And now I have an outlet on a daily basis and don't need it anymore?

Since we moved into our ne…

Resolve in the Face of Terror

At 6pm last night, as I was glued to the television with the details of the terrorism that struck London, I was taken aback by one simple sight.

As the helicpoter camera panned across the Thames, a commuter train was running to take people home. Not even 12 hours after the disaster that struck the city and the people of London were taking their city back.

They didn't panic. The emergency teams reacted so quickly. All the emergency prepardness exercises that have been going on for the past couple of years have paid off.

Dear Terrorists: This is what London is about. They have been down this road before and NO ONE not even you will stop all their little engines that could.


It's a fantastic feeling to get home at 530, put on your pjs and simply watch tv all night.

As I have given myself a break from the gym until Saturday, I don't really have anything else to do in the evening. Plus, as little tv as I watch, I do think I was going through withdrawls after all the visiting.

There I something to be said for just vegging.

As D works away in his home office until 10 or 11, I am free to choose what I want to watch. Who knew have the remote control could feel so liberating?

I did find D's limit, however, last night. As I scrolled through the new feature on NTL which allows you to watch any movie at ANY TIME, he popped his head back into the room.

'What are you doing?'

A - blank stare - 'Just looking'

'Hey, no watching movies without me.'

A - laugh laugh laugh 'And why not?'

'We're not spending £3 just because you're bored'.

Oh, I see, only spending money when we are BOTH bored.

Thank you

to D's parents for picking us up at the airport, making us yummy scrumptious bbq, continuing to house boxes of our stuff that AGAIN i did not get time to go through, for taking us back to the airport.....

to D's sisters L and S, for hanging out, catching up and of course, sitting in the sun....

to little B and tiny L for being so cute and full of energy.....

to J and Z for showing up after a romantic ring-getting dinner, for providing the wine, staying up late even though you both had to work so early, for the great conversation......

to my T.Dot friends for dropping everything mid-week to spend time with an old pal....

to J and L, the beautiful couple who's fairytale wedding was more than inspiring and who's smiles made me smile for many days after....

to E and the Tyeger - little man, you are cuter than you know. it's almost harder to write to you now that we've met but I'm sure i've got a few more words of wisdom to share. your mom is such a super lady. no…