Saturday, January 21, 2012

Move along

I'm training for my 4th half marathon, my first international run in Myrtle Beach SC and the first one I will see my parents at the end of it. It's an early start, 6am I think and I'll be dealing with jet lag so possibly it will feel more like 3am but hey, try everything once right?

4 weeks today. And, as always tends to happen when I'm training, the panic and fear tends to set it right about now, the 'you can't do it' voices begin creeping in and the pj-all-day thoughts tempt me away from getting out on the road and getting my legs in gear.

I'm training alone again for this one and have actually switched my music for podcasts. Actually makes for a more reflective run. And, maybe makes me feel a bit like I'm not running alone.

When I trained for the Victoria half in October, I set out with the Running Room in Richmond. Lovely, motivating, run-obsessed people there but always coming in last certainly took it's toll on the mental portion of the training for me.

So, I've taken a different tack. And I'm actually not running early in the morning, because you know what? It didn't help my time any .. why bother? I may do my long runs starting next week first thing in the morning again but for now, they tend to be mid day runs.

Which, it appears, I'm currently procrastinating setting off for. So, I'll be on my way. And put this post out to the universe in the hopes that it gets me through the next 11 miles.

Time for me to move along.