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Some Random Thoughts

My sister is so cute the way she uses her left hand to talk MORE THAN I HAVE EVER SEEN, subconsciously showing off her amazing rock that dreamy K got her.

She is also a huge nerd for have labeled inboxes on her home desk that say 'c to pay', 'c to file', 'k to pay', 'k to file' she's running a little empire from her studio flat.

Hangovers must come from cigarettes because I have never felt better each morning since I arrived.

That the air conditioning is totally deiciving and I am glad I only packed summer dresses to wear for the next two 30 degrees sorching weeks.

Holiday suck when they go by quickly but this one is going at the perfect rate.


There is simply something about sun.

Something about the way it makes you feel when you are sitting in the backyard of a familiar home, amongst family, with the yellow circle beating its light down on you.

You don't really realise how much you miss it until you are able to sit in front of it. Feel you skin burn with the red sensation of a summer 'tan'. Feel the warmth in the air, not simply in the sun.

I lived for over 20 years of this being my summer. I have only lived without it for a full summer and I feel like I've stopped breathing.

If you were to take a survey today and asked me where I wanted to be, I have to say it is not where I am currently paying rent.

I can only hope that in two weeks time I will have put into perspecitve all that is Canada and stop worshiping it.

For today, it is a place for me, full of red and white flags, that holds not only all that is dear, but all that is me.


This week has gone slowly and quickly all at the same time.

I'm nervous we'll arrive late for our flight.

I'm giddy about the prospect of putting on my bikini tomorrow afternoon. (who ever thought you could actually be giddy about being in your bathing suit?)

I'm nervous about reading at one of my oldest friend's weddings.

I tired of being at my desk.

I'm worried I will forget something.

I'm so so happy that I will soon be home.


I decided two weeks ago to go on a detox in an effort to:

a) give my body a rest from all the creative festivities I have partaken in this past spring

b) give my wallet a rest so that I can spend away again once I arrive back home

c) continue to experiment with my biological make up as it facinates me the way we can be our own science experiments

I weaned myself off tea and it took a whole week. I decided I didn't want something to have that control over me again and so, I no longer intake caffeine.

This is quite big.

I have been drinking Tim Horton's coffee since the age of 15. This could explain why I'm so short and hyper.

In university, I graduated to Starbucks, probably thinking in some annoying early-twenties-self-absorbed way that I need to become more distingued as I got older and but ultimately, only made the money in my wallet disappear faster.

When 2 grande Starbucks a day finally caught up with my stomach, I switched to tea.

I didn't realize that I had become so depe…

Thoughts on Creativity

I have decided to add a few things to this blog along the sidebar in the hopes that this information will change every day.

This may also get me writing again every day.

Someone made an interesting point to me about working in creative industries that if your day job includes creativity, you may have less of it to devote to your creative hobbies.

This is actually true.

I have often wondered myself why I have struggled on occasion recently to write daily here when this is something that I have been doing ever since I could pick up a pen.

My work was being published when I was 16 in a newspaper where I worked as paid reporter. Not only was I writing news articles, I was writing two weekly columns.

Writing does just come to me sometimes and I feel a bit lost when words don't flow out the end of my fingers.

I realise, however, I am actually in the luckiest situation. They always say if you do what you love you will ultimately succeed. I have always tried to live by this, which I why I left t…

End of Stage

An important stage of my creative development has just ended and I'm not sure how to feel.

I suppose I will reflect more when I get back from holiday.

Change should always be about a new beginning. Things don't end, they simply transform.

Country Roads Take Me Home

I will be home, in Canada, in less than 2 weeks.

This will be the first time I have had a proper holiday at home.

It will be a whirlwind.

I hope it doesn't go too fast.

It's taken long enough to even get close.

I am SO EXCITED!!!!!


Congrats to my friends L and S on the news that a little O.M.C has been born. A couple of weeks early and a labour that was shorter than an episode of the OC, L seems to already be settling in well as a super mom.

L helped to mold my interest in event planning and real marketing. She also was such a kind soul and a great asset to my career growth.

She also throws great BBQs, even though her liquor cabinet got a bit sparse by 4 am.

Guys - so happy for you. Can't wait to meet him.