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On a Lighter Note

This made me chuckle this morning. Thought with the cool weather upon, you all could use a little laughter to warm you up:

Apple Announcement:

Apple announced today that it has developed a
breast implant that can store and play music. The iTit will
cost from $499 to $699, depending on cup and speaker size.

This has been hailed as a major social
breakthrough, because women are always complaining about
men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.

What is Worth?

There has been some talk - and government action - regarding the arts funding in Canada that I must humbly admit I have not been paying enough attention to.

I remember feeling quite lucky to live and work in the arts scene in Belfast as it was abundant not only with talented people but also the money to support those people in the creation of good work.

It's a bit sad that my home country seems to not want to see the value of art as it relates to the well being of every day life.

Margaret Atwood has written a very great piece on this here:

To be creative is, in fact, Canadian

After reading today I am reminding yet again how frustrating it is to prove worth. That human worth has been relegated to the economic factor.

That we can see the benefit in bankers because they make money. That there seems to be this theory that only rich snobs wander around at art galas and events.

That even the act of mentioning that maybe there is worth outside of bringing in money tends to draw large scoffs a…

A Few Wee Events

This past weekend, I became nostalgic and saw the future all at once.

NKOTB were fantastically surreal (blog post coming soon)

My first 10km was even more so (blog post also coming soon)

All I can do right now is wait to listen to my MP3 player with songs of my teenage years while I'm running and training for the next 10km.

Welcome to surreal Monday.

If They're Good Enough for a Samurai....

My littlest sister H has etched out yet another talent (she can sing, write, act, and look beautiful without trying) to add to her repertoire and has come up with a pretty inventive way of showing it.

Her new blog, Baby Samurai Story, is a fictional story about a Japanese woman, daughter of a Samurai, who becomes a mother without necessarily choosing to do so.

It's the prefect length for a quick read and is very engaging. Her descriptive passages are so clear and crisp, I could actually visualize what her characters. It's very comic book-'episotic' style writing (can you say 300 anyone?) and was just a really new, fresh take on blog writing.

What got her interested? Well, her Gemini-distracto mind came up with the idea after she was researching her newest talent, samurai pants.

Baby Samurai

They are unique as well as flexible, funky as well as functional, easy to clean, easier to put on and just the perfect accessory for any little warrior.

Word to Jeff Vader

In this world of instant information, it can be easy to be bombarded with a lot of, well, crap.

But today, my friends, I wanted to share this with all of you.

My father sent it to me in an email - which further the debate that he is either hip or a geek or both - and, so, I wanted to share the imaginative mind of Eddie Izzard with you all.

The One with Vader in the Canteen

(I'm not sure someone WITHOUT an English accent could pull this off)


So writing for an entertaiment magazine, I have been given a bit of a background peek into this year's TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).

No I'm not having drinks with Brad Pitt or exchanging comic book stories with Kevin Smith.

But I do have to give a shout out to the IT Lounge in Windsor Arms Hotel, just off Bloor Street on Thomas Street. Fantastic facilites for media and quite a quiet place amongst all the hustle bustle.

And yes, there has been a bit of celebrity spotting. Can you say Evangeline Lilly of Lost? Smaller, of course, then she looks on TV but still with that sparkling smile, pausing every so often to pose with fans.

I wanted to shout out 'Your biceps rock!' but then, I also wanted to look cool and professional and not be whisked away by the body guards.

A pleasant surprise today - a very surreal vibe to be out and about amongst all this TIFF-ness.

How In Love Am I?

I sorta stopped listening to the radio since I've been home. People sort of ask, 'what kind of music do you like?' I kinda hum and ha and well and er and finally just say 'you know, top 40'.

Yes, I'm very advanced in my musical enjoyment. Me and your 10th grader would have a lot in common.

And then, I was informed of, the station that picks songs you will like based on one song choice.

Guess what? I'm SO MUCH MORE than a Top 40 fan. I'm TOTALLY indy now. In a very Top 40 way.

C'mon, don't you think it's impressive that there are other songs that sound like Pieces of Me?

In love love love. Thank you inventors of amazing websites that eventually I will have to pay for but for now will relish in the ad and investment money they're squandering on my enjoyment.

Let me share again - lastfm

There. That should help there Google ranking.