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Thoughts on Creativity

I have decided to add a few things to this blog along the sidebar in the hopes that this information will change every day.

This may also get me writing again every day.

Someone made an interesting point to me about working in creative industries that if your day job includes creativity, you may have less of it to devote to your creative hobbies.

This is actually true.

I have often wondered myself why I have struggled on occasion recently to write daily here when this is something that I have been doing ever since I could pick up a pen.

My work was being published when I was 16 in a newspaper where I worked as paid reporter. Not only was I writing news articles, I was writing two weekly columns.

Writing does just come to me sometimes and I feel a bit lost when words don't flow out the end of my fingers.

I realise, however, I am actually in the luckiest situation. They always say if you do what you love you will ultimately succeed. I have always tried to live by this, which I why I left the Coulda Woulda Shoulda world of my life and job in Toronto and moved abroad to find out what is it that I really wanted to be when I grew up?

They're paying me for it now. I get to be creative all day long and I get paid for it.

That's why sadly, this blog is sometimes neglected. It's only now, after surfacing from the spring title launches and book signings and media chatting that I am actually able to step back and take five minutes to actually write something...anything.

I suppose not being able to be creative independently of work might be a casulty of doing the job you love.

I don't walk into bookshops now and think, all, lovely shop, I'll just wander around. My brain actually turns on. I'm constantly scanning the covers, watching the placements, checking out the publishers.

Any yet, it is still throughly enjoyable. It's a strange feeling to know you're working and to actually not mind.

One of my colleagues and I have quite a bit in common and so we share nights out on occasion out of work. But we ultimately find, we end up talking about work. Coming up with strategies. Exchanging ideas, information. I always feel I'm the one with the most questions and steering the subject around work but at the end, she always admits to enjoying work chats herself.

I don't like to write too much about work on this blog because I feel I want this to be a personal space for me, not to mention I'm not interested in being dooced.

But I did want to write about what has been happening to my creative process. That I do still feel I am intensely creative. It just seems that not, perhaps, in the way I was when I worked in an office filing paper.

On another note, Mosaic Minds is going through a restructure and are looking for new columnists. If you've got some creativity you need to unleash, check it out.


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