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3 Bridesmaids and a Bride

The ladies - sadly minus 1 :( - with the bride

Let me preface this picture by saying the bride is in green and that if you can't figure out who I am you really need glasses. I also must give a shout out to the wee sister who could not attend but WILL be there on the big day. (Not much longer now H and we'll party it up together big sista style yo!)

I must be in the wedding mood because last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I suddenly was hit with a wave of writing inspriration for my sister's wedding. I've written them down and will tuck them away unti a time when I sit down to write the speech that I must admit I am most looking forward to. (Have I mentioned my entire family LOVES being videoed and having their picture taken AND making up plays? attention hogs? ya think?)

I am a very honoured bridesmaid in her party of 4. What I love more is the situation which perfectly describes my sister:

Ever since we were little, my two sisters and I planned on doing a round robin of 'maid of honour' so we would all get to be maid of honour for one time.

So, really, the first one of us to get married would be setting the tone. For example, if C had chosen me as the maid of honour, then I would have chosen H and H would have had C. It was our little way of really saying that there we were all standing up for EACH OTHER even though one of us would get the title at a time.

Since I live in Belfast and H lives in Chicago (a 10 hour drive from Toronto with no traffic so not exactly near to my C), C decided to mix it up a bit, in the most sweetest way.

She is an event planner, I may have mentioned but if I haven't it is only because I always assume people know that - all you have to do is meet her and she will have assisted you in you next dinner party, with the outfit to match.

As an event planner, she has a good grasp on 'event protocol'. For example, trade show exhibitors are responsible for buying everything from the overpriced venue while the overpriced venue is in charge of employing too few customer service staff to actuallly HELP YOU when you're at the show.

Hotels are meant to be accomodating when it comes to menu choices for evening galas but no one can control the chef who may or may not admit to spitting in you food when you send it back 3 times.

This is the world my sister lives in - a world where each person is a puzzle piece of the event and each piece has it's role.

The Maid of Honour role has specific duties: Stagette planning, shower planning, keeping-you-from-killing-your-future-in-laws on a regular basis. The sorts of things that a person within close proximity can do.

C realised that her two sisters were not close and so, she would not have a maid of honour. We would all be bridesmaids, all equally important and more importantly, all equally able to fufil the role of 'bridesmaid' much more sufficiently than Maid of Honour.

The sweet part was that she would forgoe a very key role in her event. She would not break the pact that she made with her sisters.

Nor would she break the role of the Maid of Honour for how could someone possibly be called the Maid of Honour and not do all those roles?

The funny part is that the idea the maid of honour role could possibly change for her wedding never crossed her mind. It was all or nothing. And so we all are the big kahuna's standing beside her.

This story makes me smile and I just can't help but think 'How cute is SHE??'


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