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There is a Season Turn Turn Turn

I got my house back! I finally live again in a house. There are multiple rooms.

I was so excited about this fact that my body actually woke me up AN HOUR EARLY which enabled me to sit in my LIVING ROOM leisurely reading my book.

I don't know how people live in bachelor apartments. I really don't. I have lived in a very small one bedroom apartment (with another person, so this goes to show you how close we were, also considering people were taking bets on how long we'd be friends after squeezing ourselves into the place for a year).

Yes, so small tiny apartment is one thing, one room is another.

We're also getting set to go through another adjustment. Our American friends are going home. Their contract isn't up until February but the girl, L, has serious back problems and they're just not going to get better on the old beds provided by the school.

So, we know their leaving and now we must wait to see who the new teachers will be.

We've kinda gotten into a good groove with them. They like the same things we do. Hanging out, in pubs not clubs. Buying DVD box sets and trading. Drinking games and cards, at home.

Who knows what the new teachers will be like? And really, they're our only friends.

In all my other adventure, I never had it so easy when I arrived. House. Job. Friends - I mean, who else would the other teachers talk to? They had only been here 3 months longer than us.

Now, I've got this gittery feeling in my stomach, like I'm arriving all over again and having to go through the culture shock 'i'm-a-big-loser-no-one-likes-me' phase. I was just getting near the end of it but I'm worried it's about to hit all over again.

Part of me is excited - it seems a bit like a new adventure, one where our weekends will need to be structured as we don't have our friends to just call up and go out with.

Maybe we'll see more. Maybe this will force us to learn Korean. We can't rely on them to help us with the language any more.

Part of me will feel better when they're gone. Not that I won't miss them, I just hate the lead up to missing people. I don't really like the lead up to leaving somewhere either - kinda of like a band-aid, I just want it ripped off.

On a positive note, I have lost a class (yes, this is positive) which means I have about 3 less teaching hours a week. I was getting into the groove of doing it but I can't say I'm not happy to not be working after 630 every single day - only on Tues and Thurs now.

I'm sure it will change again so I need to enjoy it while it lasts.

On a final note, I wanted to send out a big contgratulations to two of my dearest friends on the arrival of their little miracle.

Z. J. M. was born happy and healthy a couple of weeks ago.

You can read about them previously here and here.

And here is a shot of the bundle of joy quite a few of us from our graduating high school class have been waiting a long time to meet.

Welcome to the world Z-man. It will be great to meet you someday. You are one of the most desired little people on this planet.

When I saw the pictures of your mom and dad holding you, I could feel their giddiness all the way in Korea. You're a very special and lucky little guy. I would have said that even if you didn't take too many years to arrive.


Anonymous said…
Hey A,

give me some hints about whose baby this is?


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