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The Luck O The Irish..Otherwise Known As Good Karma

There are so many things I want to share, say and show about my lovely visit back to the land-where-you-can-get-everything but as things tend to go, the main thing that's on my mind is the last thing that happened to me.

The road warrior that I am, I prepared myself for the long journey home, which was going to be significantly prolonged and more akward then when I went to Chicago because my flight into Seoul arrived too late to get the last flight from Seoul into Busan.

This left me with the only option of getting into the centre of Seoul to Seoul Station, to pick up the KTX train - an almost 3 hour journey down to the south of the country.

And the, trains-planes-and-automobiles fans, I would have had to get a 30 minute taxi from Busan to Gimhae.

All this, after a 13 hour flight from Chicago to Tokyo and a 2 hour flight from Tokyo to Seoul. Yes, H & P, I DO love you that much.

But then, something strange happened. We arrived into Seoul at 7:10, a mere 30 MINUTES EARLY!! I suddenly was given a glimmer of hope. Was there was a chance that I could make the 8:05? Only time would tell.

The next hour went something like this:

7:10 - land

7:11 - begin taxing to gate

7:15 - STILL taxing to gate

7:20 - suddenly become sullen again realizing that the early arriving long f-ing taxing was going to be my downfall

7:22 - run off plane. Or should I say, run, like only a recent hobalong can

7:35 - get through customs. All that's left is baggage

7:37 - ask nice security guy if there is anyway I can buy my ticket BEFORE I leave with my bags. Korean-nervous-smile and pointed me towards a Korean Airlines Info desk.

7:39 - After a lengthy explanation, the woman finally understands that I DO NOT have a ticket but I WOULD LIKE ONE PLEASE LET ME GIVE YOU MONEY only to realise that her kind Korean smile was to inform me that she couldn't sell me tickets. She did, however, check that yes UNFORTUNATELY the flight was on time but good news, there were still tickets left.

7:45 - Looking at her watch, she just says that it's getting a bit late but that the check-in closes at 7:50 so...

7:45:05 - realise it's over and resign myself to the fact...

7:45:12 - is that my bag?

7:45:59 - first bag pulled off the carosel. Oh well, at least I'll have plenty of that my other bag?

7:46:11 - second bag off..oh my god..

7:46:15 - push my way through to get a trolley and RUN THROUGH CUSTOMS..

7:47:02 - look frantically for the way upstairs. Run left.

7:47:16 - wrong way, run back

7:47:25 - nice Korean man directs me to the elevator. passed it so run back again

7:47:45 - elevator arrives. push my way on

7:47:53 - elevator opens, a woman gets on as I mad-hatter it off the elevator.


7:48:03 - elevator returns. I get back on

7:48:26 - push my way past rude male Koreans and out the elevator. Time to make a run for it..A..A...WHERE IS A??????

7:49:23 - arrive at a desk with one man "can *puff puff* I *puff puff*

7:49:30 - *puff puff* get a ticket to *puff *puff* Busan?

7:49:55 - am directed AROUND THE CORNER to the check in desk. Throw down some plastic and presto....

7:50:34 - "Here is your ticket," she says with a smile "Now, you'll have to go quickly....

I've never seen an attendant type faster or check my bags in at the speed of light. And I have to say I didn't expect something FAST to actually happen in Korea.

And so, after 3 flights, lots of orange juice and many magazines later, I arrived home just before 10pm, to a surprised D who welcomed me with nice big hugs.

I would say there was a tie for the best moment of the trip back. Either the feeling of euphoria I felt sitting on that plane to Busan. Or the 20 minute hot shower.

Definitely a tie.


kimbirdy said…
So I totally tensed up when I was reading that in anticipation to see if you made it on the flight. SUCCESS. See you soon love. Glad to know you've made it safely.
liz said…
love it! a great post! so happy you made it... can't wait to see you you, and not only cause you have goodies for me!!! you were missed by more than D while you were gone... :) (insert triangle!!! or is it a square now?) ;)

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