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Now, If We Could Just Decide...

D and I have recently been having conversations about the near future about what exactly it is we should do.

After numerous conversations and flip flopping back and forth we have definitely decided on one thing.

We have too many options.

I remember watching a movie with Elizabeth Shue and other nameless people about a blackout in LA. She was married to this guy whose single brother comes to stay with them or maybe the brother is only there for the blackout and for the life of me I can't really remember the plot or the husband or the point of the whole movie, which leads me to believe it's not actually a big deal that I can't remember the name because I do remember one conversation that has stuck with me for quite a few years.

Shue's character is in the kitchen with the brother where the contrived sexual tension is building and she turns to him and says:

"You know what you're problem is, (insert dumbass name here)? You're problem is that you have too many options."

Because she was stuck in this loveless marriage with this huge mortgage and more importantly was stuck in the MIDDLE OF A BLACKOUT IN LA and he was this free single guy who had no home and was able to just go and do whatever he wanted. Although clearly NOT during the blackout because he was still hanging out with his brother's wife.


I've always remembered that. Always remembered that you can, in fact, have TOO MANY options.

This tends to lead you into this circular conversation as to what would be the best idea or best course to take.

And I'm also becoming aware that our current situation has opened up many more opportunities then I thought possible. That this adventure to Korea has not actually taken us back but has pushed us forward with a whole new set of options.

Which is not to say I'm upset to have all the options. Because, isn't it always better to have choices?

It's just that where you're at the beginning of a decision, you second guess yourself anyway about which option to choose. And the last thing you need sometimes are too many options...

But I also know that time is on your side. Time will eventually make the decision FOR you, as you will get down to the last minute of deciding, the final day you can ponder and then TIME will show up and force you to pick A, B, C, D, E or F.

So, I suppose I'm slightly enjoying this decision game I'm playing with time.

Time always wins but she's been good to me so far. Throwing the dice at her might just be the way to go.


kimbirdy said…
haha, for some reason I am able to relate to this post 250%. OMG OMG OMG.

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