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You Are Always On My Mind

Last Friday we tagged along with the kindergartens to see the Korean version of The Wizard of Oz. Part of me was confused why we had to go in the first place as we don't speak Korean and then the other part of me realised, that's EXACTLY why we should go along...because...well...sometimes it's very korean to do things that don't make any sense.

In the end we actually enjoyed ourselves, looking at the little kiddies eyes light up, learning new words such as "Dorashee" instead of the regular 'Dorothy'.

My favorite addition to the play, when they happen upon the Tinman, he seems to have his heart but longs to be a member of the circus as multiple chorus members, surrounded him on stage, dancing and contorting themselves as he enviously looked on.

There was lots of drumming as well, which I guess was a great distraction from the story line for 6 year olds but also made me immediately turn to D and say:

'I know who would love this musical'.

Almost in unison, we put on the voice we use for my Dad and said 'This is pretty good, you know. This is probably the best musical I've ever been too.'

My father, for those of you who don't know, is currently a jazz drummer. For my entire life he has been drummnig in various formats - rock and roll band, pipe band, accompanying all of our skits on video - but now, he plays in a jazz band.

My father has really always loved anything musical. He's just not always been a great fan of musicals. I remember fondly my mother dragging him to Pirates of Penzance and HMS Pinafore with all of us kids giddy and singing along. He enjoyed himself but let's just say, he probably would have liked a little more drumming.

D and I laughed at our little private joke during the play and it got me thinking. So many times throughout my days, I tell so many little stories and anedoctes about the people I care about.

But they don't even have any idea. They are totally oblivious - and in this time zone probably half asleep - to the fact that I'm nattering away about them.

I'm not sure why this struck me. But I just suddenly wanted my dad to be there. To see this drumming filled version of a musical and love it, talk about it and add it to our collection of family experiences to share for years to come.

But then I realised, they must do this too. They must turn to people that I've never met and that they see more often than I see them and relate some crazy story about their itchy feet daughter or sister or friend and then laugh to themselves and wish I was there - mostly because it's easier to make fun of someone when they're actually sitting in the room as opposed to a couple of oceans away.

And I just felt a little closer to everyone I miss back home. Just imagining the stories they're telling or the stories I will tell about them.


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