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The Next Generation - Double Whammy

During the first half of April, I had this terrible dream that my little sister C died.

I sometimes have these dreams, as I'm sure everyone does about a loved one, that feels so real and intense in the moment, the first thing you want to do when you wake up is actually just give that person a great big hug.

When I woke up, I remembered another dream I had had one time about my brother R, dying. It was C that had said to me:

"Well, when someone dies in your dream it means that their going to start a new chapter, have some exciting, some new, happen to them. Essentially, they life will change so much it will become a 'new life'."

So it's no surprise that I thought of this after the dream I had about her.

Later that week, I heard that she had recieved very sad news about her best friend's father passing away. I knew this would affect her very much, as she has been close with the whole family for many years.

Strangely, I came back to my dream, thinking that perhaps this was the dramatic change that it had foretold.

I called her up that weekend to send my condolences and see how was she was doing.

I relayed the story to her and the converstation went a little something like this:

A - I had this terrible dream about you dying..

C - (possible eye roll) uh-huh

A - and then I remembered what you said about those types of dreams..

C - (possible slight smile) oh yeah

A - one time when R....blah blah blah....

C - (possible tuning out of A's LONG story)

A - (after 5 minute ramble) ....and I thought maybe you were pregnant but then I guess this sad news must be the dramatic change.


A - *listening to dead air*

C - *silence*


C - *silence*

A - anyway, the weather is just getting SO WARM these days..

It was a week later, Easter Weekend, from my parents home, whom she had surprised by driving 10 hours from Toronto to give them the new, that she called with the happy news:

And I couldn't help, in between the excited 'OHMYGODOHMYGOD's, point out that I KNEW IT. Or well, at least I THOUGHT I knew it. because the phone conversation had TOO MUCH of a pregnant pause.

My little sister C is pregnant! I am set to become the CRAZY OLD AUNT ABBEY I promised all my friends in high school I would be. Except, I might change the CRAZY to TOTALLY-AWESOME-WITH-THE-SPOILING-AND-AWESOMENESS.

If that didn't create enough of happy tingling to last me for the rest of the year, I recieved news from sister H just one week later.

SHE WAS GOING TO BE A MOMMY TOO! The girl who asked my parents when she was little if she could live with them forever, was now spreading her wings and starting her own little brood to live with HER forever.

And she was due only weeks after C!! It would be a double whammy Christmas!!

And then my head exploded. WITH UTTER GLEE AND EXCITEMENT!!

Congratulations to my sisters C and H and my patient, loving bro-in-laws K and P (respectively).

May your journeys be filled with adventure, excitement and wonder.

And may you be sure to take many pictures. I promise, I won't post them ALL on my blog.


lealou said…
Yipppeeee! Congrats Auntie!!!

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