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It's a Little Known Fact

Since we've been travelling, I have come across some interesting cultural differences among the countries we've been to.

I thought, in Cliff Claven style, I would share with you some of the more bizarre and weird laws and customs from where we've been.


*As the country is predominantly Asian, you do see many women with headscarfs and dressed in the full Muslim attire. Be sure to look closely, though, as you're more than likely to see some Prada shoes, a top-of-the-line Nokia phone and a matching designer handbag to finish the package.

*You're less likely to have trouble finding a shop open on Sunday then you will on Friday. And if you're around on Friday, be sure to listen for the bells.

*Buses don't have toilets. Most Malaysian food is made up of curries. Now, YOU trying finding something to eat on the days you have to travel 5 hours on a bus. Travel day is starve day.


*You cannot own governement housing in Singapore unless you are a citizen. If you are a citizen, you can purchase these homes starting at $100,000. Pretty good, there's just one more catch. You must show your marriage certifcate to purchase. Hmm. And, if you can't find somebody to love, the government will take pity on you and allow you buy one at the age of 35. Brings a whole new meaning to 'I still live at home with my parents'.

*It makes financial sense to move next to your mother-in-law. The government will give you $40,000 to purchase property near your parents. This is to promote YOU taking care of them in their old age, taking pressure off the government to do so. Baby boomers rejoice!

*You can rent umbrellas for a day! If you're out and about and suddenly it starts pouring and your not really inclined to purchase yet another umbrella to add to the 50 you have at home, just rent one. GENUIS. PURE GENIUS.

*There is a height restiction on buildings in Singapore because of the 6 airports that surround the city. You'll see more trees than you will concrete jungle.

*It REALLY IS the cleanest place on earth


*If you don't like going through immigration lines, you'll have to prepare yourself for a double whammy when entering Australia. Not only do you queue up to get into the country, you are then sent into a quarantine section where you must line up again and have your bags go through special xray machines. Forget about smuggling in those tangarines to your old Aunt Mae.

*You WILL see kangaroos hopping around the golf course. So, take up golfing and get real surreal.

*There are some parts of this country that have not had rain for 5 years. 3 minute showers are not just a grandma joke, they are law. And forget running the sprinkler so your kids can run through it in the summer. That's against the law too.

*Plants, clearly adapting to their climate, close themselves in to stay away from the sun, as opposite from western plants, that open up to get some rays.

*Water in toliets DO spin the opposite way, and thankfully, there are toliets available EVERYWHERE including buses, so bring on the curries.


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