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THIS is what I've been up to

Yes. Gone quiet. VERY QUIET.

But I've been doing some thinking, processing, analyzing, vacationing, drinking....well, you get the point. LIVING.

But I finally found something that I wanted to post and is relevant to the theme of this blog, which is meant to be reaching outside of those cozy boundaries we allow ourselves to be in and really exploring something new, challenging and exciting.

I sent this recent email to friends of mine and now, I'd like to share it with you. What I didn't say in the email is how I actually got teary eyed writing about it at the end. I have a feeling this experience will touch me in ways I wasn't expecting:

Sunny days everyone,

As some of you may know, I began running in races last summer after a great group of friends convinced me it would be a fun thing to do.

Since then, I became a little addicted to the challenge and decided I would try to run a half marathon.

My training began in May of this year after I ran the Sporting Life 10km, a thrilling run straight down Yonge Street in Toronto. A June vacation and having way too much fun tubing and pulling stomach muscles at the cottage left me out of commission for about 5 weeks. Since back on the training horse, I have been trying to focus myself to get into the best shape possible to make sure I can complete this run.

Most importantly for me, I wanted to complete this challenge by also helping others. That's why I'm asking you to support me (and give me the motivation to keep trying during my tight training schedule) by donating to Sheena's Place, a fantastic organization that provides support to those with eating disorders:

"Sheena Carpenter did not survive her eating disorder. In response to her death in 1993, friends and colleagues of Sheena's mother Lynn, were motivated to create a place that would offer hope and support to people like Sheena.Sheena's Place is now a centre offering services in a welcoming, non-institutional environment and is centrally located in downtown Toronto close to public transportation. Sheena's Place serves as a link between people with eating disorders and hospital based programs, schools, agencies, therapists, families. It isn’t a residential facility. Individuals do not live here. We offer a wide range of support programs for people affected by eating disorders and their families. No referral is necessary and we respect the need and desire for confidentiality. Our programs are offered at no cost to participants."

I run to challenge myself, to stay healthy and to feel stronger. I want my efforts to help women and men who need that support in feeling healthy and strong about themselves. I can't think of a better place for me to be running for.

So, if you can, please show your support by donating at the link below. Every little bit helps. And, of course, would always welcome your cheers and waves along the route on September 27.


The more money I raise, the more I will have to run for on the big day.

Thanks so much,

Hope all is well with the world in your neck of the woods.
Love A

Please donate if you can or at least head out on the route and cheer us runners on. You never realize just how much it means to hear the encouragement along the road.


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