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My Little Green Book
The strangest things excite me these days. I felt quite 'chuffed' and satisfied when I found a little green book, perfect size, with a hard cover, for my lists and my travels.

I have this tendency to imagine items that I want to buy without even knowing whether or not they exist. I get an idea in my head about what I want and I have trouble buying anything that is not the exact replica of the imagine item. Creativity gone awry.

But the other day, I went looking for a small sized note book that I could take with me on our travels. When we were out the first time, I had this great travel journal that a friend bought me. It asked various questions about specific days and one of them included meals. I would have never thought to include that detail in a travel log but it turned out to be quite useful. Many a time, D and I would be on trains and he would say, 'Well what did we eat that day?' - to be honest, I never really thought that question would come up but was quite please when I could turn to page 'Day 15' and find out that it was bread and cheese and not what we he had the previous day - rye bread and cheese.

But I digress (as usual). What I missed when we went out travelling the second time was having this little journal that made me write down the 'excrutiating minutia' (a shout out to Seinfeld's Elaine) such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And so, for our third trip, I wanted a little book that I could make notes in about these types of details. Also, I figured it would be great for writing down details frantically as I stumbled through various languages on the phone to hotel owners. I know how to ask if people speak English in many languages. If they say no, well, it becomes a bit more difficult.

This time, the little green book will help me. It's a good size so it will fit in my hip sack (my sis C will never forgive me for travelling AND getting my pictures taken all over Europe with something so unhip as a hipsack). It has a hard cover, so I don't need to find a hard surface to write on (this was key). Finally, it has lined paper so I don't write all willy nilly and fill the pages up to quickly (looking back at my reporter notebooks, I think I must have killed at least 50 trees with my large letters).

Today, I made my first notes in this little book.

'Things to Do'

Hopefully I don't use it all up with one list.


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