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Another One Bites the Dust

It's D's last day at work and as per usual with our journeys, I'm still at the office for another week.

He always seems to end up finishing before me, ultimately taking care of all the last minute details while I scramble to leave my job intact for the next person to take the seat.

I have been trying to put together a 'leaving document' for my predecessor ever since I gave my notice 3 week ago. But things are so busy for us that I have only gotten as far as writing the title.

I'm having an 'anxious day', possibly because I have not been to the gym at all this week and also because I was taken out last night by work and perhaps have the 'hangover fear' looming over me.

I'm getting used to the up and down roller coaster of this whole experience but the negative feeling of anxiety is the worst one.

We're still waiting on visa numbers and I can only hope that things will fall into place very quickly next week. It dawned on me yesterday, after hearing about our flight information, that we will be taking off in two weeks time.

I'm hoping a good swim will shake my sillies away and am determined to head straight to the gym once I get home. I could do with a bit of head clearing, some strenuous exercise to get the happy hormones going and allow myself to stop thinking of all the lists I have going on in my head.

There is another going away BBQ for us tomorrow and I'm beginning to feel very spoiled. Ever since my birthday celebrations began, I have been getting the party treatment.

It is still quite surreal. It really has not sunk in that in 2 weeks time I will land in a place that is very very foreign. I suppose that's a better thing, to just let the time go quickly and then I can fully experience it when I arrive.

The 'cheesy daily quote' today:

To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing

Funny how sometimes the daily message hits it right on the nose.

We just have to do it. Well, we already are doing it. It just doesn't feel like it.

D handed in his laptop today and we are now computer-less at home. I won't be able to check my email on a Sunday morning. I feel a bit like I'm regressing back to the days when we were in Leeds and had nothing. I'm thinking it's a good thing but I'm finding it harder to give up the simpler pleasures this time round as I realised how easy they make life once I had to live for awhile without them.

Hopefully Monday will bring clarity - that and 5 days left at work. eek...


Librarian Girl said…
Followed you over from Crazy Aunt Purl...great blog, and I look forward to reading more about your adventures!

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