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The Waiting Game

Patiently waiting for visa numbers to come through to get the process moving.

I have never dealt with a 'no problem' culture as much as this one. They are very serious about their schooling but perhaps nothing else is really that urgent. Must be that whole 'live in the moment Zen' thing.

I feel a bit silly going on at this space about the visas - feel like this is the only thing I ever write about. I guess it's just the one thing that is taking a bit longer to fall into place.

I laughed in my head when Big A made a comment about all the questions I was asking on Sunday.

'You know', he said in his Big A voice - if you know him, you can definitely hear it in your head now, 'I didn't talk to anyone before I came. I just kinda got a plane and came.'

I'm all for the 'just experience it' because I DID THAT when I QUIT MY JOB SOLD MY HOUSE MOVED TO ENGLAND THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO but you tend to learn things through this process that you know will make your life easier on the other end.

Plus, I know for a fact that Big A actually missed his first flight because after going through security, he followed the first group of Asians he saw (!!!), sat at a gate with them, only to find out that he was sitting amongst future passengers en route to Beiing and NOT Korea. (You gotta know him to know that this is exactly something he would do and somehow still manage to land with his two feet)

I do have a lot of questions. D and I are very thorough - we did study journalism - and perhaps that's what frustrates me most about people's questions. To quote a break up saying, 'It's not them it's me', as for some reason, I interpret questions dealing with the all the steps in the process as some sort of challenge to my knowledge.

'Where is the city?' turns into 'Are you really sure you know where you're going?'

'What type of school is it?' turns into 'Do you really know what you're getting into?'

'Have you ever taught before?' turns into 'As if! You! A Teacher! Ha!'

My mother thinks it's because I care too much about what other people think of me.

I guess that's true. I would hate to think that people would suspect me to not actually thoroughly check these things. For some reason, the chemicals in my brain will not allow me to ponder the possibility that perhaps people might just simply be interested. That it's NOT ALL ABOUT ME.

Self conscioulsy self absorbed.


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