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How the Bike brought me Back

D and I recently purchased a couple of used bikes to take advantage of the glorious weather that appears to happen year round this end of the country.

I was always a big bike rider when I was younger - I suppose one should use the word 'cyclist' but that sounds a little too advanced for what I'm talking about. Cyclists probably have strategy and stamina and lots of bike bling. Me? I just used to get on my bike and go.

During my pre-teens I had the bestest friend ever. L.C.

Looking back at those years, L.C and I were inseperable. I was so lucky during that period of my life to have someone who was such a dedicated friend. She made me laugh, always had my back (can you say bullies??) and generally just made my life better.

We used to spend weekends listening to 60s music, playing cards and going for bike rides. And we used to relish swearing in her house. Her mom is a fantastically creative person, a piano teacher and someone who didn't let words really affect her. We could SWEAR in her house. Like THE F WORD. And when you're 12, that's a big deal.

Our bike ride distances started to become a bit of a challenge. We would pack up food and snacks and head out to what appeared to be far away places  In small town Ontario, you could easily find yourself in the countryside without going too far, but for us, it was the ultimate adventure.

Yesterday made me miss L.C. We drifted apart in high school, with different interests and all the politics involved in being a teenager. I don't know that I handled it well, was probably more evil then necessary and adult-me looks back and cringes on the way teenage-me handled the dissolution of our friendship.

The biking helped me remember the enjoyable times. I was almost transported back to those days of biking around with L.C. The feeling of independence, of being all grown up, of setting off on an adventure together without supervision.

Views of the mountains yesterday certainly brought me back to reality. And made me reflect of course over all of the things that have changed since those summertime carefree days of youth bike riding.

We don't often stop enough to assess what we have and how far we've come. There isn't time in a day filled up with work and groceries and laundry and sleep. And if you have children, you know your list is longer.

But I'm glad I've found the vehicle (literally) that can help me get to that place. A place of calm reflection. Of remembrance. Of celebration. And of the realisation that the more things change, the more they DO stay the same.

My life choices have given me such opportunity for adventure. For a journey. For a path of discovery.

Most importantly, I'm still lucky to have my best friend to ride by my side.


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