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I am now free. Free to enter and write as much as I want. As long as it fits into an hour.

Got my library card today and a list of the Belfast library opening times. I am really part of the community.

I felt SUPER part of the community when after telling the fish man at the market that I was from Canada, he proceeded to have a full conversation which ended with me getting his name and a discount on the fish. Who knew an accent could be such an asset.

Feel like I've been in the flat we rented last Friday for a year. I'm also realizing how anal I am about clutter. I start having anxiety if things are in their place. "oooo..piece of paper...needs to go in the top drawer of the cabinet where the 'paper' goes..."

I'm sure Mosaic Minds has launched and I'm going to check it out right after I post but I wanted to get something uploaded before they kick me off the machine. Check it out.

My writing bug is back with a vengence. I just wish I had a computer. Or a typewriter.

Did a typing test the other day - 87 word per minute!!! - Although, that doesn't account for all the errors and the 'backspace, backpace, backspace' that I had to do.

I'll be back tomorrow with some relfections...some stories...and some observations...although, those words really all mean the same thing in the end don't they?

Ah, the Blarney has got to me all ready. I just can't shut up.

It feels good to feel at home.


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