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Belfast Bits

There is a tower clock by the waterfront that has stood for years and years. It was built by Queen Victoria for her husband Prince Albert (I think). It is Belfast's leaning tower. Built on what used to be underwater, the soil is not very good for a large tower like statue. They spent millions of dollars to fix it. It will no longer sink into the ocean. But it still leans.

Craic (crack) has nothing to do with white powedery stuff and I partake in good craic quite frequently. A Belfast boy we met learned a hard lesson when visiting Canada when he asked a Canadian policeman "What's the craic?" sadly, in front of an actual crack house. Thrown against a wall and searched, he was able to mumble out the meaning. And learned the lesson "When in Rome..."

The sky may be gray to the left and it will be pissing on you but you can see blue sky to your right and the sun peaking out.

If you are a lad it's not cool to bring a brolly. Many many soaked rats wandering the streets of the city.

Saturday is shopping-for-going-out-outfits - especially with your 7 children, in strollers or holding onto handles as you bark loud "Shut it" and "You'll get a smack" while trying to keep them under of control. I sit on my couch on Saturdays, with a nice cup of tea, my book and classical music.

Sunday shopping has only been around for a couple of years and the shops don't open until 1pm and close at 4pm.

Belfast has the lowest petty crime rate in the UK and is said to have the 2nd lowest crime rate in the world. Translation: Tourists, never fear. This is a city for you to enjoy, not worry about security.

By the time winter hits, people in Belfast will be going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. I am already having trouble getting up at 7:20 am.

If you are a pedestrian, be very very afraid. Can I TELL you how much this bothers me??? Unfortunately for me, this also falls under the "When in Rome..." category. Crossing a regular street at in intersection is like taking your life into your hands. You are only safe at "zebra" (say zEbra not zEEbra) crossing - with lights and large white lines. This is a pedestrian's revenge because a car can be speeding at 100 mph towards you and will screech on the brakes as soon as you step one foot on the white lines. And yet, everywhere else, the drive as though they don't even see you there.

Its "quarter past" not "quarter after". It is "half 12" not "12:30".

If you can't wait at a bar for 5 minutes waiting for your Guiness to settle, you don't deserve the Guiness.

It is time for me to get back to the blissful chaos.


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