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The internet cafe I frequent happens also to have a shop in the front.

I never really pay attention to what kind of stuff is sold but most of it is electronics hence, the internet cafe theme.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that, yes, they also sell guns. I assumed they were BB guns. Not being American, I am not used to seeing guns in my local Wal-Mart.

You see, I have never actually held a gun. I have never seen someone hold a gun, except on TV and in movies but that doesn't count because it's on a little box and not live, not real.

Today, as I was tapping away on the machine I'm sitting at, I heard this clicking.

I turned to see a kid - probably in his late teens - sqinting his eye, looking down the barrel, straightening his arm and shooting a gun. No bullets in the gun but shooting it none the less.

Right. At. Me.

Pointing it right at my face, about 15 yards away, testing his 'piece'.

In. My. Face.

I didn't do anything but I think my face said it all. That disgusted, shocked, nose scrunching, eye bulging look that I get when I can't believe my eyes.

His friends laughed, noticing my contored face was obviously not enjoying have a gun it in.

And I just was more disgusted. I turned my head back to the screen, but all I could do was hear the clicking.

I looked again, he was showing off. Point at bits to his friends, who were now doing a bit of a nervous giggle thing.

I tried to focus on anything else but the clicking. I just couldn't believe the ignorance. The arrogance. Because he was obviously quite proud that he could not only shoot a gun, but shoot it many times, and point out its pieces and also not even be aware that he was pointing it in someone's direction and maybe, JUST MAYBE, pointing an unloaded gun in someone's face, even 15 yards away, may actually just make them feel uncomfortable.

And suddenly I felt very lucky. That I made it to 28 years of age without a gun in my face.

Because there are people all over this planet that hardly make it to their first year in general, let alone without seeing a gun.

And so I stop grimacing. Because, really, it's not that bad


Anonymous said…
I can't believe that kid would do that! How incredibly horrible. Any, any, any person who knows anything about guns would be appalled by this kid's behavior. Responsible gun owners never point guns, loaded or empty at other people. Not that I am a gun owner. Not that I even particularly support gun rights (I think hunting rifles are the only thing that should be sold). I grew up around guns, though, and have a healthy respect for them (my dad and his buddies are all hunters, if they would have seen the boy doing that they would have smacked him upside the head with the barrel of their rifles). I'm sorry you had to experience that.
Anonymous said…
Whoops! Forgot to sign that one.

Carrie (queen of rambles)

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