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"It's nice to have a boyfriend"

Friends defined so many of the moments in my life. It's silly to attach yourself to a tv show I know but what other outlet do I find myself laughing at THE SAME EPISODES OVER AND OVER AGAIN? Well, none really?

When Rachel and Ross starting dating, so did D and I. It was, of course, our 'university years' which were filled with much drama but isn't that what university is about? Basically and extension of high school except with no parents to surpervise so the drama becomes more drunk induced and later at night.

When Chandler said "How about we move into together and you understand what I'm talking about", it sort of fell in line with when D and I decided after 5 years it was time to take the plunge.

And it always seemed I had a little bit of competitive Monica in me - when travelling, we had to play Gin Rummy without keeping score because I didn't like the thought of losing. I'm easy going with Trivial Pursuit, all else, I'm pretty much a do or die player.

When Monica and Ross had their dream come true on Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve Special, I could see my siblings and I lighting up at the chance to preform a dance routine on live television - those who have seen the home vidoes know what I'm talking about.

And it was during the drama of "I love Ross, I hate Ross, I love Ross, I hate Ross" that a D saying came about.

When Rachel got her new job at Calvin Klein working with that guy Mark, Ross becomes his insecure self and decides to send her a singing telegram reminding her, 'It's nice to have a boyfriend'.

And since that episode, when D does something sweet or asks if need him to do something sweet, he occassionally will sing the line and put me in stiches.

The thing is the other night, I realised that as funny as the line is, it's actually true.

Women: we DO NOT like things blamed on PMS. It is insulting. It is degrading. It's like saying we're less then men.

Women: there are times when the hormones HAVE taken over, when all the primrose oil and valiumn in the world won't make a difference. We're are pissed. We're emotional. We cry. We want to scream because that..*sniff*...margarine tub...*sniff*...lid JUST WON'T CLOSE!!! *sigh*

Men: the best thing you can do is to sympathise when we are annoyed that one sock is longer than the other and give us a big hug to let us know how frustrated you would be in that situation. we need you to never hold these moments against us, because what's even more frustrating than feeling this way is knowing that you just can't seem to control it and we hate that we're falling apart because we can't decide if we want green beans or broccoli for dinner.

Men: It doesn't make any sense to us either

On Tuesday night when I came home ready to kill all that exists, D simply opened his big arms, wrapped them around my sillyness and gave me hugs and kisses.

He didn't antagonise me. He didn't mention it the next day. He didn't even mention the Friends jingle. He was just there.

It only came to me in the middle of the night, as the hormones were beginning to hibernate for another month, that yes, it REALLY IS nice to have a boyfriend.


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