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Letter to the Kid #4 - The big ONE

Happy Birthday Tiger.

Well mister, you've made it. Welcome to single digits. Gone are the days of defining your age by months, although I do think some moms continue to use "he's 18 months" instead of "he's one and half" but not being a mom myself I don't quite get it.

You certainly have made some milestones in this year, first being that you lit up the Bannon-House world when you FINALLY decided to arrive.

I remember waiting anxiously to hear the news. A little part of me thinks my blog willed you to come to be. Perhaps I'm overstating but at least I can live in the fantasy world until you're old enough to talk to me about it.

You are definitley one of the cutest kids in this world - my whole office agrees. There are some kids that you think, aw, he's cute. But no, you are adorable! cheek pinchable! face kissable! You definitely got it going on.

There is still a debate as to who you look like but here, let me help clear it up. When your laughing, you look like your mom. When you're serious, you look like your dad. Joker mom. Serious dad. I would have thought it would be the other way around...

You have probably mastered the dancing you were showing me a couple of months ago. And I'm guessing by the way you were eyeing up the walking 1-and-a-half-year-old Jordan, you are probably booting around the house.

Lucky mom.

It must be a bit weird without mom around all the time because she's working but I'm sure Grandpa Bannon won't work her to the bone. He knows how much she loves playing with you!

I'm not sure if you poor mom has been able to resolve the sitter situation but hopefully you've got somewhere fun to go during the day, other kids to watch and interact with. Just don't come home swearing. Or with any girls. I'm certain you won't have a problem picking any up but just because you're 1 now doesn't mean you can be out galavanting after nap time.

There is one thing you must relish on this day and that's the cake. It's a right of passage to get your birthday cake all over your face..and hands..and arms...and legs...and toes. Remind mom to take pictures. THIS I gotta see.

If I can pass on anything to you about today, it is to make it all about you. Someday, when you get older, life will start to take over on every other day of the year. Your birthday is the one day you can be completely selfish and think only of you. Never work on your birthday, even if you have to call in sick. Even if you only get 10 vacation days a year, use one for this day. It will be one of the best 'you' traditions you could ever start.

I rushed to get a card out to you last week. One thing you will learn about Aunt A's memory is that it comes and goes. I bought the card a month ago, holding onto it so I could write you a letter to arrive with your card, only to find time was running out and the postman was not going to get it to you in time if I didn't send it EXACTLY AT THAT MOMENT. I do hope you got it.

What I wish is that I could watch the cake-devouring, present-opening, Tyeger-smiling event in person. It's hard when you make choices that keep you far away from people you would love to hang with every day.

Maybe I can get a job as your in-house nanny? There are enough rooms now in the house that we wouldn't have to fight over them. Okay, you can have first pick cause you're the kid.

Way to go on this milestone. I know you won't really remember it but it's probably just as important to mom and dad as the day you were born. And every year will become more important than the last.

So try not to roll your eyes too much when mom brings out the cake for you 16 birthday. I'm sure every year she will remember back to today with the image of cake spread all over and you smile spread further.

I know I will.


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