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What a Difference a Week Makes

It amazes me that my intentions were to post entries on the busiest days of my hoilday.

It would have been great to recap, day by day, all the emotions that were raging around during those days.

A recap of events is probably the easiest.

Wednesday night Madness - my father's side of the family put the party on for my sister and my new brother in law (okay THAT is weird). As we walked in the door, there were lots of AHHHHHHHs and arms raised it triumphant position only to be wrapped around us with bear hugs. I was so excited that I missed the bride completely as she tried to hug me. Whoops. Bridesmaid mistake numero uno.

Thursday Practice Time - the rehersal was brief and we learned later why maybe that wasn't such a good thing. It started to kick in that my sister was ACTUALLY GOING TO WALK DOWN AN AISLE when she walked down the middle of the empty function room at the hotel we were staying at. The after party was full on. Great food, great company, great booze and great goodness did I get drunk! What happened to my Irish stamina?

Friday Chill Out - we headed to the bride and groom's help with a few last finishing jobs before heading to the Waterside Inn for the evening before the big evening. After a nice BBQ, girls arrived at the spa for 3pm, in time to take a dip into the hot tub, get back into robes before heading to get our hands and feet done. I treated the girls to a bottle of champagne and we sat, relaxed, sipping the bubbly I had become obessed with since C's stagette weekend in Chicago. After a nice meal with the boys, it was up to the suite for some popcorn, girly talk and sleeping. I spent the last hour up giggling with bridesmaid J, like two school girls on a sleepover. Was sure C was passed out in no time.

Saturday Big Day - all up bright and early so what better to do then head to Starbucks? Hair and make up ladies arrive at 10:30. Last minute jobs - the main one keepin the bride calm - continue until about 3:30 where we are all dressed, with hair and makeup done and of course, glasses of champagne to prepare us for the ceremony. A few funny glitches make the ceremony most memorable and so C and K. Dinner served promptly, food FANTASTIC, multiple times C and I turned to each other going, 'are we at the head table of your wedding?', speeches were touching but rolled along on schedule and as per bride's previous wish, she was dancing at 9. Tear jerking dance with dad and then the rest of us were off, shaking our booty til the wee hours in the morning. The after party in my room, however, was not so much an after party but more the-host-has-decided-to-sleep party. Not even drunk but definitely 'knackered'.

Sunday Brunchin-it-Up - Mom saved the day with Gatorade and mini sandwiches. Stories from the night before circulated and laughter heard round the room all over again. A wonderfully social end to a very jovial wedding.

There are so many more stories but I just wanted to get a bit down before I dash off.

Small Town was as always, the most relaxing, comforting two days I spend when I come home to Canada. The friends you've had forever really are the most important. I'll save it for a letter to the tyeger but quite a moving experience.

Off to the big T-dot tonight for some city style partying. D and I have treated ourselves to a hotel room for the night. A little retail therapy this afternoon will also fit the bill.

Hope to update on Saturday.


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