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Happy Big 5-0 The Momma

I'm sending out these wishes to a woman who is probably as I type enjoying some Carib beer or a nice glass of red wine at a beach bar in sunny Barbados.

I'm pretty sure she won't be logging on today to see this entry.

We had a mini celebration when the whole family was together for H's wedding for my mom's big day. She has never been one to like much of a fuss and surprises annoy her mostly so it was a low key lunch followed by, a few momento gifts but no cake or singing, because in addition to not enjoying surprises, she also does not like drawing attention to herself in public.

(And for the last fact, I think all of us Vint kids should get DNA testing since I'm not quite sure how the loudest, attention seeking people could actually have been spawned from one so publicly timid)

Last night, I started to think about my mom and how this is big birthday. They always talk about the big 5-0, middle age, over the hill, time to buy the red sports car and get yourself a toy boy..although I'd say my dad is probably enough work.

It makes me sad to think that I can't share it with her - mostly because I'd like to be on the beach with a nice cold one too - but then I got to thinking:

Surely, all the 'begin-a-new-decade' birthdays are important aren't they?

And I was there for those!

Like on her 2oth birthday, when I was about 9 months old, and I'm sure I gave her a GREAT day of crying, shitting, not eating my food and not sleeping. Sounds like a great party to enter your 20s into.

Ok, ok, well I can't be blamed for not helping it be special as I was too little and I suppose, me just BEING THERE made it all the more special right?

So, I was also there for her 30th, all of 10 years old myself, surely not bossy or obnoxious AT ALL. Oh yes, I remember the best part. I asked if my little friend could stay for dinner. On. Her. Family. Birthday.

And so all the family pictures we have of that day includes me, my father, my siblings and a girl by the name of C, who I don't even speak to now and who probably pressured me into asking just so she could have some cake.

Wow, even better. Entering her 30s with my stupid little friend drooling all over the cake. Nice work A.

Ok, I thought, well, 40 must have been better! I mean, I was 20 by then, in first year university, the classic "I'm-independent-know-it-all-stage", staying in residence and studying on her dime and I'm

And so, for her 50th birthday, even though I'm not on that beach sipping G&Ts or whatever the bartender's serving, I at least know she's enjoying herself. And that I can remember her years into the 50s had a great start.

And if I have the chance to be there with her when she turns 60, I'm pretty sure I'll find someway to make it as memorable as I have in the past....

Happy Birthday Mom. Love you. Miss you. Hugs across many oceans.


liz said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hope you're enjoying yourself... that's what life is all about!

(a, i can't believe how much you look like your mom!!!)
Erin said…
Wow! I can't believe I have never noticed how much you look like your Mom. That 1st picture is crazy!

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