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Our new kindergarten schedule this week has put me, boringly, on no other topic that I'M SO F-ING BUSY AT WORK.

When I worked in Belfast, I felt like that was all I ever said. "I'm so busy." "Things are so crazy." "I'm at a lost for words".

I can't quite honestly think of anything more boring to write about and more importantly more boring to READ about (although I'm guessing the weather is probably up there...)

So, if you're wondering why I've been absent it is precisely because I'm am saving you, readers, from the monotony of, "Wow, I'm not sure how I will EVER survive."

One of my biggest pet peeves, besides ignorance, arrogance and that slurping noise your mouth makes when you chew with it open, is when people tell you all about how busy they are.

Yes yes, everyone gets busy. But not many people are busy enough to actually discuss it at length.

President of a country at war? Yes. Head of the United Nations? Of course. Britney Spears publicist? Oh god yes.

But some average Joe who is adjusting to a new schedule at work? No. Not interested.

And so, I figured neither would you be.

So I can tell you that I have been thinking of a few things I want write about and thought perhaps today I'd give a bit of a preview..

1 - That 'The Devil Wears Prada' chick's new book Everyone Worth Knowing. Let me say I'm less than impressed. I know I only worked in publishing for a couple of years but I have been a reader for about 25 and the name-dropping, pop-culture-reference-overload and the author's I-want-to-make-a-statement-but-too-chicken-to-do-it-as-myself-so-will-create-a-fictional-character-to-do-so routine is making my peaceful evening reading, well, not very peaceful.

2 - How exercising rocks. And how much more it rocks with TV in front of the treadmill.

3 - Kindergartens...from classroom skills...bring on the songs and coloring.

4 - How to spend St. Paddy's day in Korea. Not a good sign when I had to explain the day to my coteachers. "It's..umm..about...St. Patrick..and these snakes...and green..and well essentially just getting pissed.' 'So, you dress up as green snakes?' 'Um....'

Here's to the weekend...

(ps - I've updated my daily photo blog, some February and March. And I know, I've missed some days but, you're getting the gist of it. See link to you right...)


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